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Assumptions and the levelized cost of energy for photovoltaics
Photovoltaic electricity is a rapidly growing renewable energy source and will ultimately assume a major role in global energy production. The cost of solar-generated electricity is typicallyExpand
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E-laboratories : agent-based modeling of electricity markets.
Electricity markets are complex adaptive systems that operate under a wide range of rules that span a variety of time scales. These rules are imposed both from above by society and below by physics.Expand
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Impacts of Western Area Power Administration`s power marketing alternatives on electric utility systems
This technical memorandum estimates the effects of alternative contractual commitments that may be initiated by the Western Area Power Administration`s Salt Lake City Area Office. It also studiesExpand
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APEX user`s guide - (Argonne production, expansion, and exchange model for electrical systems), version 3.0
This report describes operating procedures and background documentation for the Argonne Production, Expansion, and Exchange Model for Electrical Systems (APEX). This modeling system was developed toExpand
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Agent-based modeling of electric power markets
A novel agent-based model, the Electricity Market Complex Adaptive System (EMCAS) model, is designed to study market restructuring and the impact of new technologies on the power grid. TheExpand
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Power systems simulations of the western United States region.
This report documents a part of a broad assessment of energy-water-related issues in the western United States. The full analysis involved three Department of Energy national laboratories: ArgonneExpand
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Optimizing hourly hydro operations at the Salt Lake City Area integrated projects
The Salt Lake City Area (SLCA) office of the Western Area Power Administration (Western) is responsible for marketing the capacity and energy generated by the Colorado River Storage, Collbran, andExpand
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Clean coal technologies and acid rain: Fuel switching and its regional impacts
As legislators ponder the formulation of an acid rain control program, they must ask themselves whether they prefer a ''freedom-of-choice'' approach - in which facilities would be allowed to chooseExpand
A warming climate could affect electricity.
Modeling approach to assess the impact of point source air pollutant emission on vegetation
Dose-response effects of gases emitted from industrial sources on vegetation were investigated. Some of the techniques available for vegetation damage assessments are outlined in this report. A newExpand