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The Economics of Cultural Transmission and the Dynamics of Preferences
We study the dynamics of the distribution of preferences in a model in which preference traits are endogenously determined by a process of intergenerational transmission of traits. Expand
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Political Foundations of the Resource Curse
In this paper we argue that the political incentives that resource endowments generate are the key to understanding whether or not they are a curse. We show: (1) politicians tend to over-extractExpand
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Cultural Transmission, Marriage and the Evolution of Ethnic and Religious Traits
This paper presents an economic analysis of the intergenerational transmission of ethnic and religious traits through family socialization and marital segregation decisions. Frequency of intragroupExpand
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Property Rights, Corruption and the Allocation of Talent: A General Equilibrium Approach
We consider an economy where property rights are necessary to ensure sufficient rewards to ex-ante investments. Because enforcement of property rights influences the ex-post distribution of rents,Expand
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The choice between market failures and corruption
Because government intervention transfers resources from one party to another, it creates room for corruption. As corruption often undermines the purpose of the intervention, governments will try toExpand
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Kleptocracy and Divide-and-Rule: A Model of Personal Rule
Many developing countries have suffered under the personal rule of kleptocrats, who implement highly inefficient economic policies, expropriate the wealth of their citizens, and use the proceeds forExpand
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Oligarchy, democracy, inequality and growth
This paper analyzes the dynamics of inequality, democratization and economic development in a political economy model of growth where education is both the engine of growth and a determinant ofExpand
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The Dynamics of Firm-Level Adjustment to Trade Liberalization
We build a dynamic model of …rm-level adjustment to trade liberalization that jointly incorporates the main salient features highlighted by recent empirical micro-level studies of …rms and trade. OurExpand
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On the cultural transmission of preferences for social status
Abstract We study the formation of preferences for `social status' as the result of intergenerational transmission of cultural traits. We characterize the behavior of parents with preferences forExpand
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The Economics of Cultural Transmission and Socialization
Cultural transmission arguably plays an important role in the determination of many fundamental preference traits (e.g., discounting, risk aversion and altruism) and most cultural traits, socialExpand
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