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The Theory of the Leisure Class
'Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure.' In The Theory of the Leisure Class Thorstein Veblen sets out 'to discuss the place and value of theExpand
Theory of Business Enterprise
Veblen has been claimed and rejected both by sociologists and economists as being one of theirs. He enriched and attacked both disciplines, as he did so many others: philosophy, history, socialExpand
Why Economics is not an Evolutionary Science
A reprint of the article "Why is economics not an evolutionary science?," by T. Veblen, published in the "Quarterly Journal of Economics" is presented. The article questions the premise that physicsExpand
The theory of the leisure class : an economic study of institutions
Aims to challenge some of man's cherished standards of behavior, with devastating wit and satire.
The Theory of the Leisure Class
On the Nature of Capital
The knowledge of ways and means is a communal product, 517.—Access to the common stock of technological knowledge is necessary to the production of a livelihood, 524.—With the advance of theExpand
The Limitations of Marginal Utility
The article written by the founder of institutionalism and published in 1909 is translated into Russian for the first time. Veblen criticizes different versions of neoclassical theories of productionExpand
On the Nature of Capital: Investment, Intangible Assets, and the Pecuniary Magnate
Introductory summary, 104.—Certain effects of investment and the price system, 105.—Intangible assets, their nature, derivation, and basis, 111.—Summary of analysis of assets, 115.—Tangible andExpand
The Place of Science in Modern Civilization.