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Lead, magnesium, selenium and zinc in human seminal fluid: comparison with semen parameters and fertility.
The concentrations of lead, magnesium, selenium and zinc in seminal fluid from men with variable semen quality (sperm morphology, density and motility) and fertility were determined by atomicExpand
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Distribution of Lectin Binding in Rat Testis and Epididymis
Summary:  Seven lectins (PNA, RCA I, SBA, Con A, WGA, UEA I, DBA) conjugated with rhodamine were employed to analyse the staining pattern of glycoproteins with varying sugar residues in the testisExpand
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Identification and enzyme quantitation of the stages of the seminiferous epithelial wave in the rat
Based on differences in light absorption the stages of the rat seminiferous epithelial wave were identified by a transillumination technique. The most marked difference was encountered in theExpand
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Acid phosphatases of the rat testis in experimental conditions.
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Lectin-binding pattern of bull testis and epididymis.
Seven rhodamine-conjugated lectins (PNA, RCA I, SBA, Con A, WGA, UEA I, DBA) were used to study the distribution of glycoproteins in the testis and epididymis of immature, juvenile, and adult bulls.Expand
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Human Seminal Plasma Cadmium: Comparison with Fertility and Smoking Habits/Cadmium in menschlichem Seminalplasma: Vergleich zwischen Fertilität und Rauchgewohnheiten
Summary: Cadmium, selenium and zinc were determined in seminal plasma and serum of 64 men by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). The mean (± SD) cadmium concentrations in seminal plasma and serumExpand
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Characterization of three aminopeptidases purified from maternal serum.
The biochemical characteristics of aminopeptidase A (EC, oxytocinase (EC and alanyl aminopeptidase (EC purified from serum of pregnant women were compared.Expand
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Purification of three aminopeptidases from human maternal serum.
Three aminopeptidases (I--III) were purified from maternal serum using sequential chromatographic fractionations. Aminopeptidase I was specific for N-terminal alpha-L-dicarboxylic acid residues andExpand
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Effect of secretory particles in bovine seminal vesicle secretion on sperm motility and acrosome reaction.
Particles found in bovine seminal vesicle secretion were enriched by centrifugation. They varied in size and morphology and contained Mg2+,Ca2+-activated ATPase, aminopeptidase A, alanylExpand
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Selenium and glutathione peroxidase in seminal plasma of men and bulls.
High levels of selenium and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) were found in bull seminal plasma but low concentrations in human seminal plasma. In man the seminal plasma selenium was associated withExpand
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