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Assessing genetic and morphological variation in populations of Eastern European Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
The population structures of different species of Calliphoridae flies are highly diverse at different locations. We investigated populations of the Eastern European L. sericata using chaetotaxy andExpand
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Musculature of the male genitalia in the tribe Ulidiini (Diptera, Ulidiidae)
The musculature of the male genitalia was studied in three species of Ulidiini (Tephritoidea: Ulidiidae): Timia erythrocephala Wiedemann, 1824, Ulidia ruficeps Becker, 1913, and Physiphora alceaeExpand
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Review of the yellow-bodied species of the genus Timia (Diptera: Ulidiidae) with description of two new species
Seven species of Timia Wiedemann, 1824, differing from the rest of members of this genus by yellow body are reviewed. All of them, including two new species are described and figured. Timia (Timia)Expand
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Pollination of Vietnamese Aspidistra xuansonensis (Asparagaceae) by female Cecidomyiidi flies: larvae of pollinator feed on fertile pollen in anthers of anthetic bisexual flowers.
UNLABELLED • PREMISE OF THE STUDY Aspidistra is a species-rich, herbaceous monocot genus of tropical Southeast Asia. Most species are recently discovered and apparently endangered, though virtuallyExpand
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Musculature of the male genitalia of a member of the genus Teleopsis Rondani, 1875 (Diopsidae, Diptera)
Abstract Secondary symmetry of pregenital sclerites and muscles, and also the presence of syntergosternite 7 + 8 and muscles between it and six segment in Diopsidae close this family to Psilidae andExpand
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DNA barcoding of Palaearctic Ulidiidae (Diptera: Tephritoidea): morphology, DNA evolution, and Markov codon models
BackgroundHere, for the first time, we report a barcoding survey of the dipterian family Ulidiidae (with two subfamilies Ulidiinae and Otitinae) coupled with morphology. To date, this is the firstExpand
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Pollination Ecology of Two Co-occurring Species of Balanophora: Differences in Range of Visitors and Pollinators
Premise of research. Inflorescences of Balanophora species emit a sweet smell, produce nectar, and are visited by many different insects. All previous studies of the pollination biology ofExpand
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Two new species of the genus Timia (Diptera: Ulidiidae) with a key to species with microtrichose black scutellum.
Two new species of Timia are described and figured. Timia (Empyelocera) altaica Galinskaya sp. nov. from Altai (Russia), Timia (Empyelocera) mokhnata Galinskaya sp. nov. from Eastern PamirExpand
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Musculature of the male genitalia in Rivellia (Diptera: Platystomatidae)
Abstract The musculature of male genitalia was studied hitherto only in two species of Tephritidae, one species of Platystomatidae, one species of Pallopteridae, and three species of Ulidiidae of theExpand
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The male abdominal, genital and pregenital sclerites and musculature in Neria commutata (Czerny, 1930) (Diptera, Micropezidae)
The muscles of the male abdomen and genitalia of Micropezidae were studied for the first time by the example of Neria commutata (Czerny, 1930). Based on analysis of the sclerites and musculature ofExpand
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