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Comparison of the effects of intermittent and continuous administration of human parathyroid hormone(1-34) on rat bone.
We compared the effects of synthetic human parathyroid hormone (1-34) (hPTH[1-34]) on rat bones when administered by intermittent injection and by continuous infusion for 4 weeks. Continuous infusionExpand
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Effect of human parathyroid hormone (PTH(1-34)) on experimental osteopenia of rats induced by ovariectomy.
The effect of human PTH(1-34) on the development of osteopenia induced by ovariectomy was investigated in immature female Sprague-Dawley rats. After the surgery, human PTH(1-34) was injectedExpand
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Respiratory and hemodynamic changes after injection of free fatty acids.
Abstract An experimental model which closely resembles the respiratory distress of clinical fat embolism has been developed. The clinical picture of tachypnea, hypoxemia, and loss of lung complianceExpand
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Structure-activity relationship of calcitonin gene related peptide.
Chicken, human(alpha) CGRPs and their analogues were synthesized to investigate the relationship between structure and serum calcium and phosphate lowering effects. The native hormones contain 37Expand
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Effect of combined humanPTH(1-34) and calcitonin treatment in ovariectomized rats.
We examined the combined effects of human parathyroid hormone 1-34 (hPTH) and elcatonin (ECT: a synthetic derivative of eel calcitonin) to prevent loss of bone mass, architecture and strength inExpand
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Continuous positive-pressure breathing in acute hemorrhagic pulmonary edema.
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Effects of unilateral pulmonary artery or vein distension with a balloon on the pulmonary and femoral arterial pressures in anesthetized dogs.
(1) Unilateral pulmonary artery or vein was distended by a balloon in closed and open chest anesthetized dogs. A part of the experiments was per-formed under perfusion of unilateral lung in situ.Expand
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[Double filtration plasmapheresis in case of Goodpasture's syndrome].
This article describes a case of Goodpasture's syndrome controlled by double filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP) combined with steroid and immunosuppressant therapy. A 48-year-old male, clerk,Expand
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Endogenous calcitonin regulates lipid and glucose metabolism in diet-induced obesity mice
Calcitonin (CT) plays an important role in calcium homeostasis, and its precursor, proCT, is positively associated with the body mass index in the general human population. However, the physiologicalExpand
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[Esophageal cancer developing 13 years after radiotherapy of lung cancer].
This paper reports on an autopsied case manifesting an esophageal cancer that had developed 13 years after radiotherapy for lung cancer. The patient was a 61-year-old man. He was found to have aExpand
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