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The first production of glass eel in captivity: fish reproductive physiology facilitates great progress in aquaculture
Weekly injections of salmon pituitary extracts (SPE) were administered to female Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica at a dose of 20 mg/fish. This induced vitellogenesis and caused oocytes to reach theExpand
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The first success of glass eel production in the world: basic biology on fish reproduction advances new applied technology in aquaculture
The eel has long been esteemed as an important food fish in the world, especially in Japan, and has been used as an experimental fish for many fields of fish physiology. However, the decreases in eelExpand
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Zinc‐binding property of the major yolk protein in the sea urchin − implications of its role as a zinc transporter for gametogenesis
Major yolk protein (MYP), a transferrin superfamily protein that forms yolk granules in sea urchin eggs, is also contained in the coelomic fluid and nutritive phagocytes of the gonad in both sexes.Expand
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Reproduction of sea urchins
This chapter discusses about Gametogenesis and intra-gonadal nutrient storage and utilization that are linked processes in sea urchins. These processes involve the two cellular populations that makeExpand
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Chapter 2 Gametogenesis and reproduction of sea urchins
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the gametogenesis and reproduction of sea urchins. Gametogenesis and intra-gonadal nutrient storage and utilization are linked processes in sea urchinExpand
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Molecular Cloning and Ovarian Expression Profiles of Thrombospondin,a Major Component of Cortical Rods in Mature Oocytes of Penaeid Shrimp, Marsupenaeus japonicus1
Abstract In penaeid shrimp, cortical rods (CRs) are formed in peripheral crypts of the oocyte after completion of yolk accumulation; subsequently the CRs are utilized as a source of jelly materialsExpand
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Apparent and True Availabilities of Amino Acids from Several Protein Sources for Fingerling Rainbow Trout, Common Carp, and Red Sea Bream
Apparent and true availabilities of amino acids from white fish meal (FM), defatted soybean meal (SBM), malt protein flour (MPF), corn gluten meal (CGM), extruded SBM (ExSBM), and extruded MPFExpand
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Fusion of lipid droplets in Japanese eel oocytes: Stage classification and its use as a biomarker for induction of final oocyte maturation and ovulation
Abstract The quality of eggs obtained from maturation-induced Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica , is unstable. One of the causes for low quality eggs is that females are artificially induced to ovulateExpand
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Quantitative changes in yolk protein and other components in the ovary and testis of the sea urchin Pseudocentrotus depressus
SUMMARY Both male and female sea urchins accumulate the major yolk protein (MYP; the most abundant yolk granule protein in sea urchin eggs) in the nutritive phagocytes of immature gonads beforeExpand
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