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The vertebral curvature of sportsmen
To characterize the vertebral curvature of individuals from a variety of sporting backgrounds, 380 Japanese males were categorized into 11 groups based on sport participation: rugby, soccer, kendo,Expand
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The effects of visual input on postural control mechanisms: an analysis of center-of-pressure trajectories using the auto-regressive model.
New measures to characterize center-of-pressure (COP) trajectories during quiet standing were proposed and then utilized to investigate changes in postural control with respect to visual input.Expand
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Changes in center-of-pressure dynamics during upright standing related to decreased balance control in young adults: fractional Brownian motion analysis.
We investigated the relationships between the ability to maintain balance in an upright stance and center-of-pressure (COP) dynamic properties in young adults. Included in this study were 10 healthyExpand
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Experimental study on the grip and hold strength for stanchions and handrails in buses.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effective use of stanchions and handrails in buses. We constructed experimental equipment resembling bus stanchions and handrails and examined theExpand
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With the goal of facilitating the creation of relaxing sound environments in stressful places, such as offices, we examined differences in the heart rate fluctuations of men and women induced byExpand
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Secular changes in relative leg length in post‐war Japan
Longitudinal secular changes of height and estimated leg length (ELL) or subischial leg length of Japanese boys and girls were investigated using data published in “The Statistical Report of theExpand
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Characteristics of postural sway in older adults standing on a soft surface.
Postural responses to challenging situations were studied in older adults as they stood on a foam surface. The experiment was designed to assess the relative contributions made by visual andExpand
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Two new methods applicable to center of pressure swing analysis
Abstract Two new methods that accurately analyze the displacement velocity of the center of pres-sure (COP) in order to diagnose postural control systems are presented: a wavelet analysis method andaExpand
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Influences of Head Orientation on the Unperturbed Postural Sway in Human Upright Stance
We examined the effects of head orientation on postural sway during quiet upright standing. Twenty healthy male subjects with diverse balance abilities were included in this study. Postural sway wasExpand
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