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Preparation and Hydrolysis of 4-Amino-1H-1, 5-benzodiazepine-3-carbonitrile
In the presence of hydrochloric acid, o-(2, 2-dicyanovinyl) aminoaniline is easily converted into 4-amino-1H-1, 5-benzodiazepine-3-carbonitrile, which can be hydrolyzed with various bases to otherExpand
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Syntheses of 2-acylaminoacetamidine and 3-acylaminopropionamidine derivatives.
For the purpose to examine as to their antiviral activities, 2-acylaminoacetamidine (II) and 3-acylaminopropionamidine hydrochlorides (III) were synthesized from the corresponding nitriles via ethylExpand
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Reaction of Triethyloxonium Fluoroborate with Acid Amide. I. Formation of Cyclic Amidine and Tetrahydropyrimidine
Because several series of compounds having amidine moieties that had been synthesized had a marked effect on influenza viruses in mice, iminoesterification by the reaction of amides withExpand
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Inhibitory effect of halogenated pyrimidines on multiplication of viruses in tissue culture systems.
It is of interest to examine the inhibitory effect of halogenated pyrimidines on the multiplication of viruses in tissue culture systems, in view of finding the fundamental knowledge to obtainExpand
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  • T. Tsuji, T. Ueda
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin
  • 25 August 1964
The polyamines which were obtained by the hydrogenation of N-substituted 2-methyl-2-nitropropylamines, were derived to the corresponding guanidine derivatives with S-methylisothiourea sulfate. SomeExpand
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Influence of 5-Fluorodeoxyuridine on the Cell-infective Unit of Adeno Virus in HeLa Cells
WE have already reported that several halogenated pyrimidines including 5-fluorodeoxyuridine (FUDR) did not show a complete inhibition of the multiplication of adeno type 1 virus in the experimentsExpand
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Syntheses of 3-Aminopropylguanidine Derivatives
The fourteen compounds of 3-(substituted amino)propylguanidine were synthesized by reacting S-methylisothiourea sulfate with 3-(substituted amino)propylamine : 3-(substituted amino) propylamineExpand
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