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[Localization of gramicidin S on the cytoplasmic membrane of Bacillus brevis and its effect on the activity of membrane enzymes].
It was shown that malate dehydrogenase of isolated membranes of the gramicidin S producer Bacillus brevis var. G.-B. (R.-form) is completely inhibited by the antibiotic (approximately 200 mkg/mg ofExpand
[Effect of the cultivation temperature on gramicidin S biosynthesis under conditions of producer growth limitation by oxygen].
The gramicidin S-producing organisms Bacillus brevis was grown under submerged conditions in fermenters at a temperature of 32 degrees C which is the lower limit of the temperature ranges providing the culture growth by the deficit of dissolved oxygen lowered and the period of the antibiotic synthesis increased which brought about a rise of the gramicidein S yield by 30-40 per cent. Expand
[Structuro-functional properties of the bacteria Bacillus brevis in relation to the accumulation of gramicidin S in cells].
The specificity of action on the respiratory chain of peptide antibiotics synthesized by the cells of one strain of Bac. Expand
[Organization and chemical composition of the cell wall of gramicidin S-producing Bacillus brevis].
The morphology of cells and cell walls was studied in the Bacillus brevis G.-B. R form during its growth and gramicidin S accumulation in it. The membrane apparatus became more complicated andExpand
Molecular genetic features of MRSA and their role in the development infections in HIV-infected
It is claimed that the largest number of people in the world have never met each other before in their lives, and only a handful of them have ever spoken to each other in person. Expand