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A survey of Palaearctic Dictynidae (Araneae). 1. Taxonomic notes on Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939, Brigittea Lehtinen, 1967 and Lathys Simon, 1884.
A new species, Dictynomorpha daemonis sp. n. (♂) is described from South Kazakhstan and a new diagnosis is suggested for Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939. The genus is redelimited and its type species D.Expand
Ecological, morphological, and genetic diversity of burbot (Lota lota L., 1758) in large river basins of Western Siberia
A study has been performed on the ecological, morphological, and genetic diversity of burbot from eight localities of the Ob–Irtysh and Taz river basins, Western Siberia, finding a high genetic diversity and a low level of between-sample differentiation is evidence for high intergroup gene flow. Expand
A review of palaearctic lynx-spiders of the Oxyopes heterophthalmus group (Aranei, Oxyopidae)
A new species group of the genus Oxyopes Latreille, 1804, including three species (O. heterophthalmus (Latreille, 1804), O. nenilini sp. n., and O. takobius Andreeva et Tystshenko, 1969) isExpand
Arachnids (Araneae, Opiliones) from grass stand and forest litter in the Urals, Russia
The dataset provides new useful information for recording the state of biodiversity for the Central and Southern Urals and contributes to the study of biodiversity conservation. Expand