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Use of phenol red thread tests to evaluate tear production in clinically normal Amazon parrots and comparison with Schirmer tear test findings.
Topical application of an ophthalmic anesthetic agent did not have a significant effect on the PRTT values but significantly decreased the Schirmer tear test values. Expand
Prevalence of and risk factors associated with atherosclerosis in psittacine birds.
Age, female sex, and 3 genera appeared to be positively associated with the presence of advanced atherosclerotic lesions in psittacine birds, and this information may be useful in clinical assessment of the cardiovascular system and patient management. Expand
Compendium of Measures to Control Chlamydia psittaci Infection Among Humans (Psittacosis) and Pet Birds (Avian Chlamydiosis), 2017
This compendium provides information about psittacosis and avian chlamydiosis to public health officials, physicians, veterinarians, the pet bird industry, and others concerned with controlling these diseases and protecting public health. Expand
Laboratory blood analysis in Strigiformes-Part I: hematologic reference intervals and agreement between manual blood cell counting techniques.
Disagreements observed between manual counting techniques suggest that technique-specific RI should be used in Strigiformes, as most boreal owl species exhibited a lower WBC count than other species. Expand
Ratite management, medicine, and surgery
Introduction - The Ratite Industry Anatomy Physiology Nutrition Handling and Management Biosecurity and Control of Disease Reproduction of Ratites Examination and Diagnostic Procedures ClinicalExpand
Determination of Normal Blood Concentrations of Lead, Zinc, Copper, and Iron in Hispaniolan Amazon Parrots (Amazona ventralis)
Ranges for whole-blood or plasma concentrations for lead, zinc, copper, and iron in 45 Hispaniolan Amazon parrots that had minimal environmental exposure to any of these metals are reported. Expand
Association of Plasma Lipid Levels With Atherosclerosis Prevalence in Psittaciformes
The results of this study suggest that the differences observed in prevalence among species of the psittacine genera may partly be explained by differences in plasma total cholesterol levels, and support the use of Quaker parrots as models for studying atherosclerosis and dyslipidemia. Expand
Elementary body agglutination for rapidly demonstrating chlamydial agglutinins in avian serum with emphasis on testing cockatiels.
Examples of serologic results on serum samples from various types of birds indicate the usefulness of EBA, latex agglutination (LA), and direct complement fixation (DCF) in diagnosing avian chlamydiosis. Expand
Diagnostic Imaging of Exotic Pets
Separate Sektionen des Buches behandeln die drei Tierklassen, was ein schnelles and spezifisches Nachschlagen von Informationen and Bildreferenzen ermoglicht die schnelle and richtige Diagnose with dem adaquaten Diagnostikverfahren. Expand
Tuberculosis in commercial emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae).
The implication of tuberculosis in commercial emus is noted in relation to the growth of the industry in North America and to management and commercial practices that encourage dissemination of infection within the species and to other exotic and domestic animals. Expand