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Biogeochemical studies on the transport of organic matter along the Otsuchi River watershed, Japan
The distributions and stable isotope ratios of biogenic nitrogen and carbon were investigated in detail along a small watershed in order to establish a biogeochemical framework for assessing the fateExpand
Water on the Early M Supergiant Stars α Orionis and μ Cephei
We reanalyze the spectra of α Ori (M2 Iab) and μ Cep (M2 Ia) observed with the balloon-borne telescope Stratoscope II more than 35 years ago, and we confirm the presence of water in these early MExpand
A Young Brown Dwarf Companion to DH Tauri
We present the detection of a young brown dwarf companion, DH Tau B, associated with the classical T Tauri star DH Tau. Near-infrared coronagraphic observations with CIAO on the Subaru Telescope haveExpand
Dust in the Photospheric Environment: Unified Cloudy Models of M, L, and T Dwarfs
We report an attempt to construct unified cloudy models of M, L, and T dwarfs. For this purpose, we first discuss opacities as well as thermochemical properties of the cool and dense matter. BelowExpand
Spectral Classification and Effective Temperatures of L and T Dwarfs Based on Near-Infrared Spectra*
We have obtained near-infrared spectra of L dwarfs, L/T transition objects, and T dwarfs using the Subaru telescope. The resulting spectra are examined in detail to study their dependence on spectralExpand
A comparison of chemistry and dust cloud formation in ultracool dwarf model atmospheres
The atmospheres of substellar objects contain clouds of oxides, iron, silicates and other refractory condensates. Water clouds are expected in the coolest objects. The opacity of these 'dust' cloudsExpand
Cool luminous stars: the hybrid nature of their infrared spectra
Aims. We determine carbon, oxygen, and their isotopic abundances based on CO and OH spectra in 23 red giant stars, and identify possible origin of difficulty in abundance analysis of cool luminousExpand
Warm Dust in the Cool Brown Dwarf Gliese 229B and Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Dusty Photospheres
Dust should be formed in the photosphere of cool brown dwarfs, but it is not clear in what form the dust exists. We propose a model in which a rather warm dust layer exists deep in the photosphere.Expand
Infrared Spectra and Visibilities as Probes of the Outer Atmospheres of Red Supergiant Stars
In the light of the recent results of the stellar interferometry, we examine the nature of the extra molecular layer outside the photosphere of red supergiant stars, so far studied mostly with theExpand
Water in Emission in the Infrared Space Observatory Spectrum of the Early M Supergiant Star μ Cephei
We report a detection of water in emission in the spectrum of the M2 supergiant star μ Cephei (M2 Ia) observed by the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer on board Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) and nowExpand