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An exquisitely preserved troodontid theropod with new information on the palatal structure from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia
Troodontidae is a clade of small-bodied theropod dinosaurs. A new troodontid, Gobivenator mongoliensis gen. et sp. nov., is described based on the most complete skeleton of a Late Cretaceous memberExpand
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Homologies of the transversospinalis muscles in the anterior presacral region of Sauria (crown Diapsida)
  • T. Tsuihiji
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of morphology
  • 1 February 2005
Homologies of muscles of the m. transversospinalis group in the dorsal and cervical regions in Sauria are established based on detailed dissections and published accounts of lepidosaurs,Expand
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Cranial Osteology of a Juvenile Specimen of Tarbosaurus bataar (Theropoda, Tyrannosauridae) from the Nemegt Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Bugin Tsav, Mongolia
ABSTRACT A juvenile skull of the tyrannosaurid Tarbosaurus bataar found in the Bugjn Tsav locality in the Mongolian Gobi Desert is described. With a total length of 290 mm, the present specimenExpand
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Abstract The Extant Phylogenetic Bracket approach is applied to infer the kind of soft tissue that would have been associated with the bifurcated neural spines of the cervical vertebrae of sauropods.Expand
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Homologies of the longissimus, iliocostalis, and hypaxial muscles in the anterior presacral region of extant diapsida
  • T. Tsuihiji
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of morphology
  • 1 November 2007
Homologies of muscles of the m. longissimus and m. iliocostalis groups in the dorsal and cervical regions, as well as those of the subvertebral muscles and mm. intercostales externi that continueExpand
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Reconstructions of the Axial Muscle Insertions in the Occipital Region of Dinosaurs: Evaluations of Past Hypotheses on Marginocephalia and Tyrannosauridae Using the Extant Phylogenetic Bracket
  • T. Tsuihiji
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Anatomical record
  • 1 August 2010
The insertions of the cervical axial musculature on the occiput in marginocephalian and tyrannosaurid dinosaurs have been reconstructed in several studies with a view to their functionalExpand
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Pterosaurs as a food source for small dromaeosaurs
Abstract Stomach contents preserved in fossil specimens provide direct evidence for the diet of extinct animals. Such exceptional fossils remain rare for predatory non-avian dinosaurs and each canExpand
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A Remarkable Case of a Shark-Bitten Elasmosaurid Plesiosaur
KENSHU SHIMADA,*'1'2 TAKANOBU TSUIHIJI,3 TAMAKI SATO,4 and YOSHIKAZU HASEGAWA5; Environmental Science Program and Department of Biological Sciences, DePaul University, 2325 North Clifton Avenue,Expand
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The First Discovery of Pterosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia
Cervical vertebrae of azhdarchid pterosaurs were discovered in two Upper Cretaceous (Baynshire Suite) dinosaur localities, Bayshin Tsav and Burkhant, in the Gobi Desert. These are the firstExpand
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