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A Low Quiescent Current Asynchronous Digital-LDO With PLL-Modulated Fast-DVS Power Management in 40 nm SoC for MIPS Performance Improvement
A low quiescent current asynchronous digital- LDO (D-LDO) regulator integrated with a phase-locked loop (PLL)-modulated switching regulator (SWR) that achieves the near-optimum power managementExpand
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Enhancement of Corrosion Protection Effect in Polyaniline via the Formation of Polyaniline−Clay Nanocomposite Materials
A series of nanocomposite materials that consisted of emeraldine base of polyaniline and layered montmorillonite (MMT) clay were prepared by effectively dispersing the inorganic nanolayers of MMTExpand
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An enhanced-security buck DC-DC converter with true-random-number-based pseudo hysteresis controller for internet-of-everything (IoE) Devices
As far as Internet-of-Everything (IoE) devices are concerned, strong security and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) are design requirements for power management to guarantee personal dataExpand
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12.7 A 96%-efficiency and 0.5%-current-cross-regulation single-inductor multiple floating-output LED driver with 24b color resolution
Lighting flicker, a rapid and repeated change over time in the brightness of light, has long been known to cause illness in humans that ranges from headaches to seizures. Thus, [1] has specified theExpand
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Pseudo-Constant Switching Frequency in On-Time Controlled Buck Converter with Predicting Correction Techniques
The predicting correction technique (PCT) is proposed to achieve an adaptive on-time control for ripple-based buck converters. The switching frequency fSW variation is suppressed when the PCTExpand
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Ab initio structure study from in-house powder diffraction of a novel ZnS(EN)0.5 structure with layered wurtzite ZnS fragment.
The solvothermal reaction of elemental zinc with sulfur in ethylenediamine (en) as solvent yields [ZnS-0.5(NH2CH2CH2NH2)], 1, an unprecedented ethylenediamine pillared ZnS layered compound,Expand
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Field emission properties of carbon nanotube arrays through the pattern transfer process
A process for transferring carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays from a silicon wafer to an alumina substrate coated with Ag paste is proposed. A current density of up to 325?mA?cm?2 at an electric field ofExpand
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20.2 Digital low-dropout regulator with anti PVT-variation technique for dynamic voltage scaling and adaptive voltage scaling multicore processor
Multicore processors have been widely used in battery-operated portable systems, desktop, and server applications, where dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) and adaptive voltage scaling (AVS) techniquesExpand
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A 0.6 V Resistance-Locked Loop Embedded Digital Low Dropout Regulator in 40 nm CMOS With 80.5% Power Supply Rejection Improvement
The proposed resistance-locked loop (RLL) can achieve high PSRR of -16 dB digital low dropout (DLDO) regulator without consuming much power which is the drawback in prior arts. Even at light loads,Expand
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