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Elafin (SKALP/Trappin-2/proteinase inhibitor-3) Is Produced by the Cervix in Pregnancy and Cervicovaginal Levels Are Diminished in Bacterial Vaginosis
Objectives. To examine cervicovaginal elafin production in pregnancy and determine its relationship in bacterial vaginosis. Study Design. Samples of cervicovaginal secretions were collected fromExpand
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Hyaluronan and hyaluronidase, which is better for embryo development?
Our aim was to examine size-specific effects of Hyaluronan (HA) on preimplantation embryo development. We investigated the effects of Hyalovet (HA, 500-750 kDa; the size produced by HA synthase-3,Expand
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Immunolocalization of angiogenic growth factors in the ovine uterus during the oestrus cycle and in response to Steroids
The vascular changes associated with endometrial maturation in preparation for embryo implantation depend on numerous growth factors, known to regulate key angiogenic events. Primarily, the vascularExpand
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Involvement of uterine natural killer cells in the natural selection of human embryos at implantation
Decidualizing endometrial stromal cells (EnSC) critically determine the maternal response to an implanting conceptus, triggering either menstruation-like disposal of low-fitness embryos or creatingExpand