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Analytical models of threshold voltage and breakdown voltage of short-channel MOSFET's derived from two-dimensional analysis
Analytical models of threshold voltage and breakdown voltage of short-channel MOSFET's are derived from the combination of analytical consideration and two-dimensional numerical analysis. AnExpand
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Short-channel-effect-suppressed sub-0.1-/spl mu/m grooved-gate MOSFET's with W gate
Grooved-gate Si MOSFET's with tungsten gates are fabricated using conventional manufacturing technologies, and their short-channel-effect-free characteristics are verified down to a source and drainExpand
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A numerical model of avalanche breakdown in MOSFET's
An accurate numerical model of avalanche breakdown in MOSFET's is presented. Features of this model are a) use of an accurate electric-field distribution calculated by a two-dimensional numericalExpand
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A Soft Error Rate Model for MOS Dynamic RAM's
A soft error rate analysis model for MOS dynamic RAM's is presented. The soft error rate can be quantitatively calculated by using a solution of the equations for diffusion and collection ofExpand
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Modeling of Gate Current and Capacitance in Nanoscale-MOS Structures
By applying a fully self-consistent solution of the Schrodinger-Poisson equations, a simple unified approach has been developed in order to study the gate current and gate capacitance ofExpand
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Molecular doping effect in bottom-gate, bottom-contact pentacene thin-film transistors
A bottom-gate, bottom-contact (BGBC) organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) with carrier-doped regions over source-drain electrodes was investigated. Device simulation with our originally developedExpand
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Transmission matrix approach for electron transport in inversion layers
Abstract An efficient “transmission matrix” (TM) approach is proposed for including quantization effects in the treatment of electron transport in inversion layers. For each input mode of theExpand
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Scaling rules for SOI MOSFETs operating in the fully inverted mode
Abstract Two-dimensional device simulation was performed on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors (MOSFETs) with various gate length L g various top Si layerExpand
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Three-Dimensional Device Simulator CADDETH with Highly Convergent Matrix Solution Algorithms
A practical three-dimensional device simulator CADDETH (Computer Aided Device DEsign in THree dimensions) has been developed. Matrix solution methods appropriate to three-dimensional analyses haveExpand
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