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Aedes (Finlaya) japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae), a Newly Recognized Mosquito in the United States: Analyses of Genetic Variation in the United States and Putative Source Populations
The population genetics of Aedes (Finlaya)Japonicus japonicus (Theobald), an Asian mosquito that was recognized for the first time in the United States in 1998, are studied. Expand
Rapid Adaptive Evolution of Photoperiodic Response during Invasion and Range Expansion across a Climatic Gradient
This work compares data from a historical study of latitudinal variation in photoperiodic response among Japanese and U.S. populations of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus with contemporary data obtained using comparable methods, and demonstrates rapid adaptive evolution of the photoperperiodic response during invasion and range expansion across ∼15° of latitude in the United States. Expand
The effectiveness of impregnated bed net in malaria control in Laos.
The number of patients and the slide positive rate of malaria decreased markedly in public health facilities in three provinces after the use of IBN, and it is expected that the expansion of the IBN program in the southern provinces will lead to successful malaria control in subsequent years. Expand
Molecular Phylogenetics of Aedes japonicus, a Disease Vector That Recently Invaded Western Europe, North America, and the Hawaiian Islands
It is found that the four subspecies in the Ae. Expand
An ecological survey of dengue vector mosquitos in central Lao PDR.
An ecological survey of dengue vector mosquitos was carried out in central Lao PDR in June 2000 in Nongbok and Thakhek, and Aedes aegypti was dominant in both study areas. Expand
Identification ofCulex vishnuiSubgroup (Diptera: Culicidae) Mosquitoes from the Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan: Development of a Species-Diagnostic Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay Based on Sequence
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay was developed for the identification of three important vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus, Culex tritaeniorhynchusGiles,Cx. Expand
Intestinal parasitic infections in Campalagian district, south Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Prevalence of lavatories among houses appeared to be inversely proportional to the prevalence of hookworm infection, while the incomplete structure of the lavatories might result in contamination of environment with Ascaris and Trichuris eggs. Expand
A multiplex PCR-based molecular identification of five morphologically related, medically important subgenus Stegomyia mosquitoes from the genus Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae) found in the Ryukyu
Internal transcribed spacer regions of ribosomal DNA were sequenced, and new species-specific primers were designed to simplify the molecular identification of five morphologically related subgenus Stegomyia mosquito species found in the Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan. Expand
A comprehensive and updated checklist for the mosquitoes of Thailand has been compiled from scattered literature in addition to our own collections during 1983-1984 mosquito surveys in this country.Expand