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In situ measurements of the physical characteristics of Titan's environment
On the basis of previous ground-based and fly-by information, we knew that Titan's atmosphere was mainly nitrogen, with some methane, but its temperature and pressure profiles were poorly constrainedExpand
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Tidal Winds on Titan Caused by Saturn
Abstract The influence of Saturn's gravitational tide on the atmosphere of Titan is investigated by means of a three-dimensional general circulation model. Titan's orbital eccentricity of 0.0292Expand
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Meteorological assessment of the surface temperatures on Titan: constraints on the surface type
Abstract The latitudinal profile of near-surface air temperature on Titan retrieved by Voyager 1 has been difficult to understand and raised several speculations about possible exotic processes thatExpand
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Three-dimensional modeling of the tropospheric methane cycle on Titan
The tropospheric methane cycle on Titan including advection, diffusion, condensation, precipitation, evaporation, and surface source is simulated by a three-dimensional general circulation model. TheExpand
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Modelling of thunderclouds and lightning generation on Titan
Abstract The likelihood of lightning generation in Titan's troposphere is investigated by theoretical consideration and a numerical one-dimensional time-dependent thundercloud model. The main cloudExpand
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Wind-induced seasonal angular momentum exchange at Titan's surface and its influence on Titan's length-of-day
[1] Titan's substantial obliquity and the global extent of the Hadley circulation give rise to seasonal variation in the mean zonal wind speed and direction in the geostrophic lower troposphere,Expand
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Relevance of fast westerlies at equinox for the eastward elongation of Titan’s dunes
Abstract Numerous linear dunes with eastward streamline pattern on Titan have mostly been interpreted as evidence of predominantly westerly (eastward) equatorial surface winds, although such windsExpand
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Methane drizzle on Titan
Saturn's moon Titan shows landscapes with fluvial features suggestive of hydrology based on liquid methane. Recent efforts in understanding Titan's methane hydrological cycle have focused onExpand
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Titan's planetary boundary layer structure at the Huygens landing site
[1] Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI) for the first time performed an in situ measurement of the thermal structure in Titan's atmosphere with a vertical resolution sufficient to analyzeExpand
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Seasonal variation of Titans atmospheric structuresimulated by a general circulation model
The seasonal variation of Titans atmospheric structure with emphasis on thestratosphere is simulated by a three-dimensional general circulation model. The model includesthe transport of hazeExpand
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