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MassBank: a public repository for sharing mass spectral data for life sciences.
MassBank is the first public repository of mass spectra of small chemical compounds for life sciences (<3000 Da). The database contains 605 electron-ionization mass spectrometry (EI-MS), 137 fastExpand
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Functional genomics by integrated analysis of metabolome and transcriptome of Arabidopsis plants over-expressing an MYB transcription factor.
The integration of metabolomics and transcriptomics can provide precise information on gene-to-metabolite networks for identifying the function of unknown genes unless there has been aExpand
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Omics-based identification of Arabidopsis Myb transcription factors regulating aliphatic glucosinolate biosynthesis
Understanding plant metabolism as an integrated system is essential for metabolic engineering aimed at the effective production of compounds useful to human life and the global environment. TheExpand
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Members of the LBD Family of Transcription Factors Repress Anthocyanin Synthesis and Affect Additional Nitrogen Responses in Arabidopsis[W][OA]
Nitrogen (N) and nitrate (NO3−) per se regulate many aspects of plant metabolism, growth, and development. N/NO3− also suppresses parts of secondary metabolism, including anthocyanin synthesis.Expand
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Mercator: a fast and simple web server for genome scale functional annotation of plant sequence data.
The Mercator pipeline automatically assigns functional terms to protein or nucleotide sequences. Expand
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The flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in Arabidopsis: structural and genetic diversity.
Flavonoids are representative plant secondary products. In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, at least 54 flavonoid molecules (35 flavonols, 11 anthocyanins and 8 proanthocyanidins) are found.Expand
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Metabolic priming by a secreted fungal effector
Maize smut caused by the fungus Ustilago maydis is a widespread disease characterized by the development of large plant tumours. U. maydis is a biotrophic pathogen that requires living plant tissueExpand
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JUNGBRUNNEN1, a Reactive Oxygen Species–Responsive NAC Transcription Factor, Regulates Longevity in Arabidopsis[W][OA]
Aging in plants is an intricate process that balances vegetative growth with flowering and reproductive success. This work describes the identification of JUNGBRUNNEN1, a NAC transcription factorExpand
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Enhancement of oxidative and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis by overaccumulation of antioxidant flavonoids
The notion that plants use specialized metabolism to protect against environmental stresses needs to be experimentally proven by addressing the question of whether stress tolerance by specializedExpand
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Comprehensive Flavonol Profiling and Transcriptome Coexpression Analysis Leading to Decoding Gene–Metabolite Correlations in Arabidopsis[W][OA]
To complete the metabolic map for an entire class of compounds, it is essential to identify gene–metabolite correlations of a metabolic pathway. We used liquid chromatography–mass spectrometryExpand
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