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Conservative logic
Conservative logic is a comprehensive model of computation which explicitly reflects a number of fundamental principles of physics, such as the reversibility of the dynamical laws and theExpand
Reversible Computing
According to a physical interpretation, the central result of this paper is that i¢ is ideally possible to build sequential c/rcuits with zero internal power dissipation. Expand
Cellular Automata Machines
A cellular automata machine is a computer optimized for the simulation of cellular Automata that allows it to run thousands of times faster than a general-purpose computer of comparable cost programmed to do the same task. Expand
Cellular automata machines - a new environment for modeling
This book provides a laboratory in which the ideas presented in this book can be tested and applied to the synthesis of a great variety of systems, including practical applications involving parallel computation and image processing. Expand
Cellular Automata as an Alternative to (Rather than an Approximation of) Differential Equations in M
The problem of encoding the state-variables and evolution laws of a physical system into this new setting, and of giving suitable correspondence rules for interpreting the model's behavior, is discussed. Expand
Invertible cellular automata: a review
Abstract In the light of recent developments in the theory of invertible cellular automata, we attempt to give a unified presentation of the subject and discuss its relevance to computer science andExpand
Computation and Construction Universality of Reversible Cellular Automata
  • T. Toffoli
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1 October 1977
A way of implementing nontrivial irreversible processes in a reversible medium is explicitly shown, both in general and for reversible cellular automata. Expand
Fundamental limit on the rate of quantum dynamics: the unified bound is tight.
The fundamental limit of the operation rate of any information processing system is established: for any values of DeltaE and E, there exists a one-parameter family of initial states that can approach the bound arbitrarily close when the parameter approaches its limit. Expand
CAM: A high-performance cellular-automaton machine
CAM can show the evolution of cellular automata on a color monitor with an update rate, dynamic range, and spatial resolution comparable to those of a Super-8 movie, thus permitting intensive interactive experimentation. Expand