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The Conquest of America: The Question of the Other
One of the most undeveloped ideas in the discipline of the history of religions in America is the claim that the historical appearance of America in European consciousness provides a revolutionaryExpand
A Superior Abstraction: Todorov on the Fantastic@@@The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre
On criticism appropriately titled the story, it's worth reading. Poe and his typology of fantasy as well a metapoetics or reader. His theory may be explained away, in the metamorphosis and forthExpand
On human diversity : nationalism, racism, and exoticism in French thought
How can we think about people and cultures unlike our own? In the early modern period, the fact of human diversity presented Europeans with little cause for anxiety: they simply assumed theExpand
The Origin of Genres
TO PERSIST in discussing genres today might seem like an idle if not obviously anachronistic pastime. Everyone knows that they existed in the good old days of the classics-ballads, odes, sonnets,Expand
Structural Analysis of Narrative
The theme I propose to deal with is so vast that the few pages which follow will inevitably take the form of a resume. My title, moreover, contains the word "structural," a word more misleading thanExpand
Genres in Discourse
Prefatory note Part I: 1. The notions of literature 2. The origin of genres Part II: 3. The two principles of narrative 4. Reading as construction 5. A poetic novel 6. Poetry without verse Part III:Expand
Encyclopedic dictionary of the sciences of language
The "Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Sciences of Language" is a wide-ranging and thorough study of language and its functions. Expand
Life in Common: An Essay in General Anthropology
Contents: Preface 1. A Brief Look at the History of Thought 2. To Be, to Live, to Exist 3. Recognition and Its Destinies 4. Structure of the Person 5. Coexistence and Fulfillment Afterword to theExpand