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N-(Triisopropylsilyl)pyrrole. A progenitor "par excellence" of 3-substituted pyrroles
A most useful strategy has been devised for the synthesis of 3-substituted pyrroles on the basis of the kinetic electrophilic substitution of 1-(triisopropylsilyl) pyrrole (1) at the β position andExpand
FRET quenching of photosensitizer singlet oxygen generation.
The presented findings show that FRET-based quenchers can potently decrease singlet oxygen production and therefore be used to facilitate the rational design of activatable photosensitizers. Expand
Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds via Alkoxysulfonium Ylides: The Moffatt, Swern, and Related Oxidations
The use of dimethyl sulfoxide as an oxidizing agent began with the discoveries by Kornblum and co-workers that certain α-bromo ketones were converted into glyoxals under mild conditions by treatmentExpand
N-pyrrolylketene: a nonconjugated heteroarylketene.
Ketene 5 is generated from N-pyrrolylacetic acid with use of Mukaiyama's reagent, and reacts with imines forming β-lactams 10, with a product ratio correlation of log(cis/trans) with σ(+). Expand
Wilhelm Schlenk: The Man Behind the Flask
Oxidation of Alcohols by Activated Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Related Reactions: An Update
The current review is intended to emphasize the most important developments in the use of activated DMSO for the oxidation of alcohols since 1981 through 1989, but includes sufficient coverage of theExpand