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Ground-penetrating radar: A tool for monitoring bridge scour
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data were acquired across shallow streams and/or drainage ditches at 10 bridge sites in Missouri by maneuvering the antennae across the surface of the water andExpand
Imaging and locating paleo-channels using geophysical data from meandering system of the Mun River, Khorat Plateau, Northeastern Thailand
Abstract The Khorat Plateau from northeast Thailand, the upstream part of the Mun River flows through clastic sedimentary rocks. A massive amount of sand was transported. We aimed to understand theExpand
A Comparison of Four Geophysical Methods for Determining the Shear Wave Velocity of Soils
The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) routinely acquires seismic cone penetrometer (SCPT) shear wave velocity control as part of the routine investigation of soils within the MississippiExpand
Geomorphic criteria for distinguishing and locating abandoned channels from upstream part of Mun River, Khorat Plateau, northeastern Thailand
Abstract In order to develop geomorphic criteria for distinguishing and locating abandoned channels and meandered belts, in this paper we examined geomorphologic characteristics from the Mun River,Expand
Tectonic blocks and suture zones of eastern Thailand: evidence from enhanced airborne geophysical analysis
Airborne geophysical data were used to analyze the complex structures of eastern Thailand. For visual interpretation, the magnetic data were enhanced by the analytical signal, and we used reductionExpand
Multivariate statistical analysis of the hydrochemical characteristics of a volcano sedimentary aquifer in Saraburi Province, Thailand
Abstract Study region The study area is located in the southwest Kaeng Khoi district and the east Muang District, Saraburi Province, Thailand. Based on its hydrostratigraphic characteristics, theExpand
Hydrochemical, geophysical and multivariate statistical investigation of the seawater intrusion in the coastal aquifer at Phetchaburi Province, Thailand
Abstract Seawater intrusion in coastal regions is an imperative ecological issues, and results in an undesirable consequence on future groundwater resources. To assess and mitigate seawaterExpand
Comparison of shear-wave velocity profiles of Bangkok subsoils from multi-channel analysis of surface wave and downhole seismic methods.
Bangkok has a substantial risk from distant earthquakes due to the ability of the underlying soft soils to amplify ground motions. The amplification of the soft soils can be estimated from theirExpand
Subsurface void detection under the road surface using ground penetrating radar (GPR), a case study in the Bangkok metropolitan area, Thailand
BackgroundThere have been several recent reports of collapsed roads at the various locations throughout the Bangkok metropolitan area. Most of the problems are caused by improper construction ofExpand
Determination of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Volumetric Soil Water Content Using Ground Penetrating Radar: A Case Study in Thailand
In this research, ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to determine the volumetric soil water content (VSWC) of a loamy soil. The GPR was set up in the ground wave fixed offset method using bothExpand