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Soluble cuticular phenoloxidase in the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar
The soluble enzyme phenoloxidase (tyrosinase) from the larval cuticle of Lymantria dispar has been partially purified using Ultrogel ACA 34, and the activity has been determined using phenolicExpand
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Effect of temperature on food intake, growth and conversion
abstractThe effect of temperature on food intake, growth and conversion efficiency has been studied in the final instar male and female larvae cfEupterote mollifera. Food consumed, assimilated andExpand
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Phenoloxidase activity and its rôle in cuticular sclerotization in a mole crab Emerita asiatica Milne Edwards
Abstract Phenoloxidase has been localized in the epicuticle, exocuticle, and epidermal cells of the mole crab, Emerita asiatica Milne Edwards. The enzyme activity in different moulting stages is inExpand
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Activation of prophenol oxidase in the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica Cobbold.
Activation of prophenol oxidase of Fasciola gigantica has been demonstrated using biochemical and electrophoretic techniques. Based on the difference in the electrophoretic pattern of the proenzymeExpand
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Comparative studies on cuticular and blood phenol oxidases of a shore crab ocypod platytarsis.
AbstractThe properties of blood and cuticular phenol oxidases of Ocypod platytarsis have been studied. The blood phenol oxidase exists in the form of proenzyme. The blood phenol oxidase differs fromExpand
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Kinetics of Homogeneous Hydrogenation of Cyclohexene Catalysed by Bis(acetylacetonato)nickel(II)
rate of the process is proportional to the concentration of the catalyst and fractional power of the conceatratioDS of the substrate and hydrogen but beyond a certain limiting value of theExpand
The Role of Ecdysone on the Chitinase Enzyme in the Development of Spodoptera Litura
One of the early events in the molt of an insect is apolysis, during which detachment of the epidermal cells from the old cuticle occurs. The final event is the shedding of the old cuticle. BetweenExpand
Problems of diseases on marine fish and prawn farming in India
The problems of diseases are of great concern to the fish cultivators and research workers. The disease in severe cases inflicts heavy losses on the fish crop by reducing the yield. InformationExpand
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Phenol oxidase activity of a monogenean, Paramazocraes thrissocles
The phenol oxidase of a monogenean, Paramazocraes thrissocles , oxidizes phenolic amines more effectively than other phenols studied. Based on the substrate specificity, the probable substrate forExpand