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Proposal of a new structural thermal vacuum sensor with diode-thermistors combined with a micro-air-bridge heater
New structural Pirani gauge-type thermal vacuum sensor with a microheater and two pn junction diodes, Th-A and Th-B, as a high-sensitive temperature sensor working like a thermistor formed on a micro-air-bridge (MAB) is proposed. Expand
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A new tungsten gate process for VLSI applications
In spite of the growing demand for MOS gates and interconnections of higher conductivity, the refractory metal gate process has not received as much attention as those using silicides because it isExpand
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Silicon take-up by aluminum conductors layered with refractory metals
The mechanism of Si take-up by aluminum conductor films layered with one of four refractory metals (Ti, Ta, Mo, or W) was studied. It was found that silicidation of refractory metal layers proceededExpand
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A Novel Tungsten Gate Technology for VLSI Applications
Due to their low resistivities, refractory metals such as W and Mo have been investigated as the gate electrodes and interconnections for VLSI [1]. However, these metals cannot withstand highExpand
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Improved Si piezo-transistors for mechano-electrical transducers
Piezo-transistors with stresses applied to the emitter region by means of small hard styli for application as mechano-electric transducers have been improved. High signal-to-noise ratios wereExpand
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