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Fidelity of DNA synthesis by the Thermococcus litoralis DNA polymerase--an extremely heat stable enzyme with proofreading activity.
We demonstrate that the DNA polymerase isolated from Thermococcus litoralis (VentTM DNA polymerase) is the first thermostable DNA polymerase reported having a 3'----5' proofreading exonucleaseExpand
Dimensional reduction of the Standard Model coupled to a new singlet scalar field
A bstractWe derive an effective dimensionally reduced theory for the Standard Model augmented by a real singlet scalar. We treat the singlet as a superheavy field and integrate it out, leaving anExpand
Theoretical uncertainties for cosmological first-order phase transitions
We critically examine the magnitude of theoretical uncertainties in perturbative calculations of first-order phase transitions, using the Standard Model effective field theory as our guide. In theExpand
Three-dimensional effective theories for the two Higgs doublet model at high temperature
A bstractDue to the infrared problem of high-temperature field theory, a robust study of the electroweak phase transition (EWPT) requires use of non-perturbative methods. We apply the method ofExpand
Extendable blocking probe in reverse transcription for analysis of RNA variants with superior selectivity
Here we provide the first strategy to use a competitive Extendable Blocking Probe (ExBP) for allele-specific priming with superior selectivity at the stage of reverse transcription. In order toExpand
Targeted gene-expression analysis by genome-controlled reverse transcription-PCR.
BACKGROUND For gene-expression analysis, which is anticipated to play an important role in classification of tumors and premalignant conditions, PCR-based quantitative assays must have increasedExpand
On the validity of perturbative studies of the electroweak phase transition in the Two Higgs Doublet model
A bstractMaking use of a dimensionally-reduced effective theory at high temperature, we perform a nonperturbative study of the electroweak phase transition in the Two Higgs Doublet model. We focus onExpand
Genome‐controlled reverse transcriptase‐polymerase chain reaction for targeted gene‐expression analysis
Objective. Although gene‐expression profiling has an important part to play in the classification of tumours and premalignant conditions, reproducibility of the present polymerase chain reactionExpand
Security Assessment of a Distributed, Modbus-Based Building Automation System
This work presents an approach to apply a method of data flow recognition and environment analysis to building automation through a case study on a distributed building automation system utilizing the Modbus protocol at the sites and presents suggested methods for mitigating the risks. Expand