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Longitudinal patterns of fish assemblages in a large tropical river in southeastern Brazil: evaluating environmental influences and some concepts in river ecology
This study aimed to evaluate environmental influences on fish distribution and to assess the extent to which concepts in river ecology accommodate levels of spatio-temporal heterogeneity of fishExpand
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Heavy Metal in Tissues of Three Fish Species from Different Trophic Levels in a Tropical Brazilian River
The Paraíba do Sul river is located in one of the most developed part of Brazil and receives many organic and industrial effluents directly affecting the ichthyofauna. Concentration of four heavyExpand
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Structure and dynamics of distinct fish assemblages in three reaches (upper, middle and lower) of an open tropical estuary in Brazil
Estuaries are transitional systems where seasonally fluctuating freshwater river flows meet the daily fluctuating marine tides to create conditions of highly variable salinity and other environmentalExpand
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Thermal impact of a nuclear power plant in a coastal area in Southeastern Brazil: effects of heating and physical structure on benthic cover and fish communities
The influence of a nuclear power plant’s cooling water and physical structure on benthic cover and fish communities were assessed in a coastal area in Southeastern Brazil. We hypothesised thatExpand
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Patterns of spatial distribution of five species of mojarras (Actinopterygii: Gerreidae) in a small tropical estuary in south-eastern Brazil
The spatial patterns of distribution of five species of the Gerreidae ( Diapterus rhombeus, Eucinostomus argenteus, Eucinostomus gula, Eucinostomus melanopterus and Eugerres brasilianus ) inExpand
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Distribution of guppies Poecilia reticulata (Peters, 1860) and Phalloceros caudimaculatus (Hensel, 1868) along a polluted stretch of the Paraíba do Sul River, Brazil.
Cyprinodontiformes fishes (guppies) are widely distributed in Neotropical regions and use deteriorated microhabitats in rivers where few species can occur. This study was carried out in a stretch ofExpand
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Effects of a nuclear power plant thermal discharge on habitat complexity and fish community structure in Ilha Grande Bay, Brazil.
Fish communities and habitat structures were evaluated by underwater visual censuses a rocky location impacted by thermal discharge (I) and at two control locations, one in a Sargassum bed (C1) andExpand
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Diversidade das assembléias de peixes nas quatro unidades geográficas do rio Paraíba do Sul
Padroes na diversidade de peixes ao longo de quatro unidades geograficas (superior, medio-superior, medio-inferior e inferior) no rio Paraiba do Sul foram estudados com a finalidade de avaliarExpand
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Shifts in the abundance and distribution of shallow water fish fauna on the southeastern Brazilian coast: a response to climate change
The temperature in the South Atlantic underwent an increase from 1948 to 2016, and the Brazilian coast is very likely suffering from climate change. We examined temporal shifts in the abundance ofExpand
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Fish composition and assemblage structure in the estuarine mixing zone of a tropical estuary: comparisons between the main channel and an adjacent lagoon
Abstract Spatial patterns of an estuarine habitat used by fish assemblages were determined for a protected adjacent lagoon and two areas of the main estuarine channel in a small tropical estuary. TheExpand
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