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Hybrid wavelet-Fourier spectrum analysis
  • T. Tarasiuk
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 28 June 2004
This paper deals with the problem of estimation of voltage and current spectrum, especially harmonics, in the field of electrical power engineering. After description of hitherto used methods, aExpand
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Hybrid Wavelet–Fourier Method for Harmonics and Harmonic Subgroups Measurement—Case Study
  • T. Tarasiuk
  • Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 2007
This paper deals with a problem of fast and reliable waveform disturbances recognition. It means real-time detection and evaluation of different kinds of waveform distortions such as harmonics,Expand
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Wavelet coefficients for window width and subsequent harmonics estimation – Case study
Abstract This paper is an extended version of the original author’s work presented during XIV IMEKO TC-4 Symposium [T. Tarasiuk, Estimation of measurement window width by interpolation based onExpand
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Development of DSP-based instrumentation for power quality monitoring on ships
Abstract The paper is to present the new DSP-based device shown in the wake of hitherto development of power quality instrumentation for power quality assessment in ship systems. The motivation ofExpand
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Electric power quality and ship's safety
The issue of electric power quality onboard ships has seemed of utmost importance, in particular nowadays when a great progress in implementation of electric drives for ship's thrusters, propellers and other smaller drives is evident. Expand
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An assessment of distortions of supply voltage waveform in all-electric ship power network - case study
This paper deals with problems of electric power quality evaluation in ship's network. The measurements of voltage waveform distortion have been carried out on an all electric ship - a researchExpand
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A new concept of harmonic current detection for shunt active power filters control
Abstract The paper deals with measurement and control aspects of active power filtering in ship systems. The main focus of the paper is concentrated on improvement of harmonic current measurementExpand
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Energy-efficient operation of induction motors and power quality standards
Abstract Induction motors are usually considerably oversized and consequently often work inefficiently because of various factors such as the relatively poor voltage quality that is allowed in publicExpand
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Estimator-analyzer of power quality: Part I – Methods and algorithms
This paper presents original methods and algorithms of measurement of power quality parameters which were implemented in a new measurement device called an estimator-analyzer ofpower quality. Expand
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AC Ship Microgrids: Control and Power Management Optimization
This paper presents a review on recent developments of control technologies and power management strategies proposed for AC ship microgrids. Expand
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