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Global upper mantle tomography of seismic velocities and anisotropies
A data set of 2600 paths for Rayleigh waves and 2170 paths for Love waves enabled us to retrieve three-dimensional distributions of different seismic parameters. Shallow layer corrections have beenExpand
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Excitation of microseisms
[1] Excitation of microseisms is generally considered to be due to pressure change at ocean bottom, for which Longuet-Higgins derived his celebrated formula in 1950. Use of this formula is anExpand
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A year of microseisms in southern California
[1] Microseisms are due to continuous harmonic forcing by ocean waves, whose sources vary in time, frequency, and azimuth. Using frequency-domain array beamforming, this variation is studied usingExpand
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Seasonality in particle motion of microseisms
SUMMARY Microseisms are a continuous source of seismic signal which mainly consist of Rayleigh waves but are known to contain some other types of seismic waves. We developed a simple processingExpand
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The oceanic excitation hypothesis for the continuous oscillations of the Earth
Continuous oscillations of the Earth are observed for frequencies between 2 and 7 mHz at almost every seismically quiet site in the world. These oscillations ride on a broad noise peak which spansExpand
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Unified Structural Representation of the southern California crust and upper mantle
We present a new, 3D description of crust and upper mantle velocity structure in southern California implemented as a Unified Structural Representation (USR). The USR is comprised of detailed basinExpand
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Cause of continuous oscillations of the Earth
Spheroidal fundamental mode oscillations of the Earth for frequencies between 2 and 7 mHz (millihertz) are observed even on seismically quiet days. Two hypotheses of the cause of these oscillationsExpand
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Plume heads, continental lithosphere, flood basalts and tomography
Abstract High-resolution uppermantle tomographic models are interpreted in terms of plate tectonics, hotspots and plume theories. Ridges correlate with very low velocity areas to a depth of 100 km,Expand
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Global anisotropy in the upper mantle inferred from the regionalization of phase velocities
A data set of 2600 paths for Rayleigh waves and 2170 paths for Love waves was selected in order to resolve azimuthal anisotropy of surface waves in the period range 70–250 s. The epicenters wereExpand
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Waveforms of long-period body waves in a slightly aspherical earth model
Summary Considering the coupling of normal modes of different dispersion branches, we present a formulation for synthesizing waveforms of long-period body waves in a slightly aspherical EarthExpand
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