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Comprehensive gene expression profiling of anaplastic thyroid cancers with cDNA microarray of 25 344 genes.
Little is known about the genetic mechanisms of anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC). This is the most virulent of all human malignancies, and it is believed to result from transformation ofExpand
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Multi-color luciferases as reporters for monitoring transient gene expression in higher plants
To investigate the usefulness of multi-color luciferase technology as reporter genes in higher plants, we assayed the transient expression of click beetle luciferase genes introduced into plant cellsExpand
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Transient Assay System for the Analysis of PR-1a Gene Promoter in Tobacco BY-2 Cells
In order to develop a rapid and versatile assay system suitable for the analysis of regulated expression of tobacco pathogenesis-related protein 1a (PR-1a) gene, we investigated the use of theExpand
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In vivo bioluminescence monitoring of defense gene expression in response to treatment with yeast cell wall extract
Previous studies indicated that Housaku Monogatari (HM), a plant activator made from yeast cell wall extract, is effective for control of various plant diseases. To investigate the effect of HMExpand
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Bioluminescence reporter assay system to monitor Arabidopsis MPK3 gene expression in response to infection by Botrytis cinerea
The Arabidopsis MPK3 gene product participates in disease resistance mediated by the MAP kinase cascade. The expression of the MPK3 gene is induced by pathogen inoculation and treatment withExpand
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Low-Power and ppm-Level Detection of Gas Molecules by Integrated Metal Nanosheets
Ppm-level hydrogen and ammonia in air were recognized by low-power, integrated sensors consisting of catalytic metal nanosheets. Thermal energy necessary for catalytic reactions were given by JouleExpand
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Non-destructive bioluminescence detection system for monitoring defense gene expression in tobacco BY-2 cells
Using tobacco BY-2 cells transformed with a promoter-luciferase gene fusion, we developed a non-destructive and sensitive in vivo assay system for monitoring defense gene expression in higher plantExpand
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High-Efficiency L-Band 200-W GaN HEMT for Space Applications
There has been growing demand for efficient, highoutput power amplifiers due to the increase in satellite applications such as navigation systems and satellite communications. Conventionally,Expand
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