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Phase–contrast X–ray computed tomography for observing biological soft tissues
Biological soft tissues are almost transparent to hard X rays and therefore cannot be investigated without enhancement with a contrast medium, such as iodine. On the other hand, phase–contrast X–rayExpand
Blood vessels: depiction at phase-contrast X-ray imaging without contrast agents in the mouse and rat-feasibility study.
The ability of phase-contrast x-ray imaging to depict blood vessels without contrast agents was tested by observing livers of a mouse and a rat with synchrotron x rays. Livers were excised by tyingExpand
Phase-contrast x-ray computed tomography for observing biological specimens and organic materials
A novel three‐dimensional x‐ray imaging method has been developed by combining a phase‐contrast x‐ray imaging technique with x‐ray computed tomography. This phase‐contrast x‐ray computed tomographyExpand
Phase I clinical study of NMK36: a new PET tracer with the synthetic amino acid analogue anti-[18F]FACBC
ObjectiveNMK36 is a novel PET tracer containing a synthetic amino acid analogue anti-[18F]FACBC as the active ingredient, and is under development for the use of tumor diagnosis. A Phase I clinicalExpand
Head Motion and Correction Methods in Resting-state Functional MRI
Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (RS-fMRI) is used to investigate brain functional connectivity at rest. However, noise from human physiological motion is an unresolved problemExpand
Morphogenesis of the Inner Ear at Different Stages of Normal Human Development
This study examined the external morphology and morphometry of the human embryonic inner ear membranous labyrinth and documented its three‐dimensional position in the developing embryo usingExpand
Phase-contrast and fluorescent X-ray imaging for biomedical researches
Abstract Synchrotron X-ray imaging systems with phase-contrast and fluorescent techniques have been developed for biomedical researches. Since phase-contrast X-ray imaging with an X-rayExpand
Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging Using an X-Ray Interferometer for Biological Imaging
Since the discovery of X rays, one has benefited from X-ray imaging using its penetrating property. Nowadays, its application expanded into wide variety of fields such as medicine. The contrastExpand
Human carcinoma: early experience with phase-contrast X-ray CT with synchrotron radiation--comparative specimen study with optical microscopy.
Phase-contrast x-ray computed tomography (CT) indicates the distribution of the refractive index and has potential to reveal the structures inside soft tissues without a contrast agent. With aExpand
Phase-Contrast Tomographic Imaging Using an X-ray Interferometer.
Apparatus for phase-contrast X-ray computed tomography using a monolithic X-ray interferometer is presented with some observational results for human breast tissues. Structures characteristic of theExpand