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Systematics of Tanganyikan cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes)
The relationships among 53 genera of Tanganyikan cichlid fishes were analyzed based on internal and external morphological features. Comparison of the morphological cladistic tree with a previouslyExpand
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Application of RAD-based phylogenetics to complex relationships among variously related taxa in a species flock.
Restriction site-associated DNA (RAD) sequences from entire genomes can be used to resolve complex phylogenetic problems. However, the processed data matrix varies depending on the strategies used toExpand
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Evidence of disassortative mating in a Tanganyikan cichlid fish and its role in the maintenance of intrapopulation dimorphism
Morphological dimorphism in the mouth-opening direction (‘lefty’ versus ‘righty’) has been documented in several fish species. It has been suggested that this deflection is heritable in a MendelianExpand
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Evidence for divergent natural selection of a Lake Tanganyika cichlid inferred from repeated radiations in body size
Divergent natural selection is thought to play a vital role in speciation, but clear, measurable examples from nature are still few. Among the many possible sources of divergent natural selection,Expand
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Competition-driven speciation in cichlid fish.
Theoretically, competition can initiate divergence in habitat use between individuals of a species, leading to restricted gene flow and eventual speciation. Evidence that sister species differ inExpand
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Morphological and genetic distinctness of rock and shell‐bed dwelling Telmatochromis(Teleostei, Cichlidae) in the south of Lake Tanganyika suggest the existence of two species
Two populations from Wonzye and Nkumbula Island, Lake Tanganyika, containing both rock and shell-bed dwelling individuals of the genus Telmatochromis were analysed by means of comparativeExpand
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The Adaptive Radiation of Cichlid Fish in Lake Tanganyika: A Morphological Perspective
Lake Tanganyika is the oldest of the Great Ancient Lakes in the East Africa. This lake harbours about 250 species of cichlid fish, which are highly diverse in terms of morphology, behaviour, andExpand
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A robust phylogeny among major lineages of the East African cichlids.
The huge monophyletic group of the East African cichlid radiations (EAR) consists of thousands of species belonging to 12-14 tribes; the number of tribes differs among studies. Many studies haveExpand
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A RAD-based phylogenetics for Orestias fishes from Lake Titicaca.
The fish genus Orestias is endemic to the Andes highlands, and Lake Titicaca is the centre of the species diversity of the genus. Previous phylogenetic studies based on a single locus ofExpand
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