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Flip and flop: a cell-specific functional switch in glutamate-operated channels of the CNS.
In the central nervous system (CNS), the principal mediators of fast synaptic excitatory neurotransmission are L-glutamate-gated ion channels that are responsive to the glutamate agonistExpand
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Proteasomes (multi-protease complexes) as 20 S ring-shaped particles in a variety of eukaryotic cells.
Latent multicatalytic protease complexes, named proteasomes, were purified to apparent homogeneity from various eukaryotic sources, such as human, rat, and chicken liver, Xenopus laevis ovary, andExpand
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The atypical M2 segment of the beta subunit confers picrotoxinin resistance to inhibitory glycine receptor channels.
Purified preparations of the inhibitory glycine receptor (GlyR) contain alpha and beta subunits, which share homologous primary structures and a common transmembrane topology with other members ofExpand
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Cyclical changes in pH in bovine developing enamel as sequential bands.
Developing enamel was stained with pH indicators and a banded colour pattern exhibiting alternate acidic (5.8-6.0) and neutral (7.0-7.2) staining was clearly visualized. The pH values of the enamelExpand
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Mechanism of dimer formation of the 90-kDa heat-shock protein.
This study describes the mechanism of homodimer formation of the 90-kDa heat-shock protein (HSP90). In eukaryotic cells, there are two HSP90 isoforms, alpha and beta, encoded by two separate genes.Expand
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Tachycitin, a small granular component in horseshoe crab hemocytes, is an antimicrobial protein with chitin-binding activity.
Small granules of horseshoe crab hemocytes contain two known major antimicrobial substances, tachyplesin and big defensin (S5), and at least five protein components (S1 to S6), with unknownExpand
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The CAP-Gly domain of CYLD associates with the proline-rich sequence in NEMO/IKKgamma.
CYLD was originally identified as the human familial cylindromatosis tumor suppressor. Recently, it was reported that CYLD directly interacts with NEMO/IKKgamma and TRAF2 in the NF-kappaB signalingExpand
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Membrane protein molecular weight determined by low-angle laser light-scattering photometry coupled with high-performance gel chromatography.
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the basic principle of measurement of the molecular weight of a solubilized membrane protein and describes the practical techniques involved in theExpand
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Determination of the site of disulfide linkage between heavy and light chains of silk fibroin produced by Bombyx mori.
The analysis of fibroin secretion-deficient 'naked-pupa' mutant silkworms has suggested that the disulfide linkage between heavy (H) and light (L) chains of fibroin, produced by the silkworm, BombyxExpand
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