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Laser Electron Accelerator
An intense electromagnetic pulse can create a weak of plasma oscillations through the action of the nonlinear ponderomotive force. Electrons trapped in the wake can be accelerated to high energy.Expand
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Highly efficient relativistic-ion generation in the laser-piston regime.
An intense laser-plasma interaction regime of the generation of high density ultrashort relativistic ion beams is suggested. When the radiation pressure is dominant, the laser energy is transformedExpand
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Working Group Report: Higgs Boson
This report summarizes the work of the Energy Frontier Higgs Boson working group of the 2013 Community Summer Study (Snowmass). We identify the key elements of a precision Higgs physics program andExpand
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Optics in the relativistic regime
The advent of ultraintense laser pulses generated by the technique of chirped pulse amplification (CPA) along with the development of high-fluence laser materials has opened up an entirely new fieldExpand
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Computational Plasma Physics: With Applications To Fusion And Astrophysics
The physics of plasmas is an extremely rich and complex subject as the variety of topics addressed in this book demonstrates. This richness and complexity demands new and powerful techniques forExpand
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Observation of a small atmospheric vμ/ve ratio in Kamiokande
Abstract Results are presented of the observation of atmospheric neutrino interactions in the Kamiokande detector in an exposure of 4.92 kt yr. The observed ratio of single ring μ-events to e-eventsExpand
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Current loop coalescence model of solar flares
A computer simulation and theoretical study of the physical characteristics of the explosive coalescence of current-carrying loops is presented. Characteristics of the explosive coalescence include aExpand
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Two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic model of emerging magnetic flux in the solar atmosphere
The nonlinear undular mode of the magnetic buoyancy instability in an isolated horizontal magnetic flux embedded in a two-temperature layered atmosphere (solar corona-chromosphere/photosphere) isExpand
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Radiation-pressure acceleration of ion beams driven by circularly polarized laser pulses.
We present experimental studies on ion acceleration from ultrathin diamondlike carbon foils irradiated by ultrahigh contrast laser pulses of energy 0.7 J focused to peak intensities of 5x10(19)Expand
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