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Characterization of ret proto-oncogene mRNAs encoding two isoforms of the protein product in a human neuroblastoma cell line.
The ret proto-oncogene expresses four major mRNA species of different lengths in human malignant cell lines and rat tissues. We isolated ret proto-oncogene cDNA clones from a cDNA library of a humanExpand
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Detection of the PTC/retTPC oncogene in human thyroid cancers.
We have investigated the PTC/retTPC oncogene, an activated form of ret proto-oncogene with a specific rearrangement, in thyroid malignancies. Southern analysis was used to screen 36 thyroid papillaryExpand
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Human ret proto-oncogene mapped to chromosome 10q11.2.
Using cosmid clones derived from human ret protooncogene as probes, we determined its chromosome localization by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Two overlapping clones, cret-1 and -2, which wereExpand
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Outside-to-Inside Signal Through the Membrane TNF-α Induces E-Selectin (CD62E) Expression on Activated Human CD4+ T Cells1
The membrane TNF-α is known to serve as a precursor of the soluble form of TNF-α. Although it has been reported the biological functions of the membrane TNF-α as a ligand, the outside-to-insideExpand
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Expression of proto-ret mRNA in embryonic and adult rat tissues.
The expression of proto-ret mRNA in adult and embryonic rat tissues were studied. Very low levels of proto-ret transcripts were found in adult rat tissues such as brain, thymus and testis. The sizesExpand
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Expression of the ret proto-oncogene in human neuroblastoma cell lines and its increase during neuronal differentiation induced by retinoic acid.
Previously we observed specific expression of the ret proto-oncogene (proto-ret) in human neuroblastoma cell lines. A neuronal subline and non-neuronal sublines were isolated from the SK-N-SH cellExpand
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Identification and analysis of the ret proto-oncogene promoter region in neuroblastoma cell lines and medullary thyroid carcinomas from MEN2A patients.
The human ret proto-oncogene (proto-ret), encoding a receptor tyrosine kinase, is highly expressed in neuroblastomas, medullary thyroid carcinomas (MTCs) and pheochromocytomas, which are all tumorsExpand
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Presence of Aberrant Transcripts of ret Proto‐oncogene in a Human Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Line
In a papillary thyroid carcinoma cell line, TPC‐1, we found transcripts hybridizing to ret proto‐oncogene (proto‐ret) cDNA probes. The transcripts hybridized to the probes encoding the kinase domainExpand
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Nakahara memorial lecture. New classes of tumor promoters: teleocidin, aplysiatoxin, and palytoxin.
Teleocidin and aplysiatoxin, which are structurally different from 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA), were found to be potent tumor promoters in two-step mouse skin carcinogenesis. The classExpand
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Structure of the c-Ki-ras gene in a rat fibrosarcoma induced by 1,8-dinitropyrene.
Restriction enzyme maps were made of the region around exons 1 and 2 of activated c-Ki-ras of a fibrosarcoma (1,8-DNP2) induced in a rat by 1,8-dinitropyrene. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealedExpand
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