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Synthesis and Properties of 4-Diazomethyl-7-methoxycoumarin as a New Fluorescent Labeling Reagent for Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids
4-Diazomethyl-7-methoxycoumarin (DMC) was synthesized as a new fluorescent labeling reagent for hydroxyl and carboxyl compounds for use in high-performance liquid chromatography. Treatment ofExpand
Functionalization of cyclodextrins via reactions of 2,3-anhydrocyclodextrins.
Three types of reactions of 2,3-anhydro-beta-cyclodextrins, namely nucleophilic ring-opening, reduction to 2-enopyranose, and reduction to 3-deoxypyranose, have been investigated to regio- andExpand
Simple and Convenient Method for Synthesis of 3-O-Sulfonyl- γ-cyclodextrin
3-O-(2-Naphthylsulfonyl)-γ-cyclodextrin was prepared together with 2-O-(2-naphthylsulfonyl)-γ-cyclodextrin by a reaction of γ-cyclodextrin with 2-naphthalenesulfonyl chloride in aqueous CH3CN,Expand
Enzymatic synthesis of specifically modified linear oligosaccharides from γ-cyclodextrin derivatives. Study on importance of active sites of Taka amylase A
Specifically modified linear oligosaccharides were prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis of 6- or 2-O-substituted γ-cyclodextrin by Taka amylase A. These results suggest that the importance of theExpand
The dependence of catalytic activities of secondary functional beta-cyclodextrins on cavity structures.
Secondary imidazole-appended beta-cyclodextrin 5 with a nondistorted cavity synthesized from a novel intermediate 3-amino-3-deoxy-beta-cyclodextrin exhibits much greater catalytic activity in theExpand
Regiospecifically Bifunctional Cyclodextrins Having Two Amino Groups on Secondary Hydroxyl Side
3A, 3X-diamino-3A, 3X-dideoxy-(2AS), (2XS), (3AR), (3XR)-α-cyclodextrins (X = B, X = C, and X = D) were prepared from the reactions of 2A, 3A; 2X 3X-dianhydro-(2AS), (2XS),α-cyclodextrins withExpand
General method for preparing altrosides from 2,3-manno-epoxides and its application to synthesis of alternative β-cyclodextrin with an altroside as the constituent of macrocyclic structure
Abstract A general and convenient method for preparing altrosides from 2,3-manno-epoxides is described and as the application, 2A(S),3A(R)-β-Cyclodextrin which has an altroside as the constituent wasExpand