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Revision of the Triassic European turtles Proterochersis and Murrhardtia (Reptilia, Testudinata, Proterochersidae), with the description of new taxa from Poland and Germany
A recently discovered Norian outcrop in Poreba, Poland, has yielded numerous well-preserved turtle remains. These, together with historical materials from Germany, enabled the identification of twoExpand
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Homeotic shift at the dawn of the turtle evolution
All derived turtles are characterized by one of the strongest reductions of the dorsal elements among Amniota, and have only 10 dorsal and eight cervical vertebrae. I demonstrate that the LateExpand
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Natural radioactivity of wastes
By-products of the combustion of coal (wastes) are often used for various types of construction (dwellings, roads, etc.). The legal regulations (The Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 2 JanuaryExpand
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Shell variability in the stem turtles Proterochersis spp.
Background Turtle shells tend to exhibit frequent and substantial variability, both in bone and scute layout. Aside from secondary changes, caused by diseases, parasites, and trauma, this variabilityExpand
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The oldest record of aquatic amniote congenital scoliosis
We report the first occurrence of congenital scoliosis in an early Permian aquatic parareptile, Stereosternum tumidum from Paraná state, Brazil. The spine malformation is caused by a congenitalExpand
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Tuberculosis-like respiratory infection in 245-million-year-old marine reptile suggested by bone pathologies
An absence of ancient archaeological and palaeontological evidence of pneumonia contrasts with its recognition in the more recent archaeological record. We document an apparent infection-mediatedExpand
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A new pancryptodiran turtle from the Late Jurassic of Poland and palaeobiology of early marine turtles
Although Western Europe has yielded numerous Jurassic turtle taxa, several represented by cranial material or complete skeletons, the fossil record of the Jurassic turtles remains scarce to the northExpand
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