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Flexible Intracortical Neural Probe with Biodegradable Polymer for Delivering Bioactive Components
A flexible intracortical neural probe containing a biodegradable polymer for delivering bioactive components was developed. This was designed to promote regrowth of damaged neural tissues around theExpand
Ex vivo evaluation of high-intensity focused ultrasound with ultrasonic-induced cavitation bubbles
The coagulated volume of the chicken deep pectoral muscles was significantly larger under all conditions that included a triggering pulse, and significant differences were also observed in the ellipticity of the coagulate region between some conditions. Expand
Introduction and Practical Use of Energy Storage System with Lithium-ion Battery for DC Traction Power Supply System
In this paper, concerned with an energy storage system (ESS) with Li-ion battery for DC traction power system, a study about planning of introducing ESS and the performances of two examples in actualExpand
Effect of Block ACK on Application–Level QoS in IEEE 802.15.6 CSMA/CA Wireless BANs
  • T. Suzuki
  • Computer Science
  • 34th International Technical Conference on…
  • 1 June 2019
This paper assesses application-level QoS in the case where medical data is transferred with the block acknowledgment (ACK) mechanism of the IEEE 802.15.6 CSMA/CA and shows that the block ACK mechanism can improve the average media unit (MU) delay for medical data and deteriorate the average MU delay for emergency data. Expand
Pulsewidth Modulation Control Algorithm for a Six-Phase PMSM: Reducing the Current in the Inverter Capacitor and Current Sensing With Resistors
A novel PWM control algorithm is proposed that ensures that the on-time of the low-side switching devices satisfies the restriction on current sensing with resistors and reduces the current in the capacitor at the same time. Expand
Ultrasonic measurements on TmS
Abstract The elastic properties on TmS have been investigated for the first time by means of ultrasonic mesurement. The remarkable softening of the longitudinal ( C 11 − C 12 )/2 mode was observed,Expand
Systeme et procede de communication avec un appareil medical
Le systeme decrit dans la presente invention comporte un oscilloscope (10) avec un imageur et un processeur (13) qui peut traiter les images provenant d'un signal acquis par l'imageur. Un element duExpand