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Mitochondrial Translation Efficiency Controls Cytoplasmic Protein Homeostasis.
Cellular proteostasis is maintained via the coordinated synthesis, maintenance, and breakdown of proteins in the cytosol and organelles. While biogenesis of the mitochondrial membrane complexes thatExpand
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Mitochondrial translation and cellular stress response
Mitochondria are organelles critical for the functionality of eukaryotic cells. One of their most prominent functions is energy conversion, thereby producing most of the cellular ATP. EnergyExpand
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The basic machineries for mitochondrial protein quality control.
Mitochondria play pivotal roles in cellular energy metabolism, the synthesis of essential biomolecules and the regulation of cell death and aging. The proper folding, unfolding and degradation of theExpand
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A novel system to monitor mitochondrial translation in yeast
The mitochondrial genome is responsible for the production of a handful of polypeptides that are core subunits of the membrane-bound oxidative phosphorylation system. Until now the mechanisticExpand
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Insertion Defects of Mitochondrially Encoded Proteins Burden the Mitochondrial Quality Control System
The mitochondrial proteome contains proteins from two different genetic systems. Proteins are either synthesized in the cytosol and imported into the different compartments of the organelle orExpand
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Lysophosphatidylcholine als Regulatoren der Genexpression humaner Skelettmuskelzellen
Background/Fragestellung: Im Plasma zirkulierende Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) gewinnen zunehmend Bedeutung als Biomarker fur Insulinresistenz und Typ 2 Diabetes. Welche Zellen fur die ProduktionExpand