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Visualising the Cross-Level Relationships between Pathological and Physiological Processes and Gene Expression: Analyses of Haematological Diseases
The understanding of pathological processes is based on the comparison between physiological and pathological conditions, and transcriptomic analysis has been extensively applied to various diseasesExpand
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Theory in the Context of Collaborative Inquiry
Collaborative practices that bring researchers and community participants together are favored by a social constructionist meta-theory. Specific features of research activity in the human sciencesExpand
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A Theory of Construction of Norm and Meaning: Osawa’s Theory of Body
Our intellectual world requires not only knowledge of natural sciences but also human sciences (Sugiman 2006). The two areas of inquiry differ from each other in meta-theory. Natural sciences embraceExpand
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Two evacuation methods in emergent situation were compared in a field experiment. One was a traditional method, named “Follow-direction method”, in which each leader indicated an exit for evacueesExpand
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The Social Turn in the Science of Human Action T. Sugiman, K.J. Gergen, W. Wagner, and Y. Yamada Part I: The Power of Meaning 1 Refl ections on the Diversity of Knowledge: Power and Dialogue inExpand
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The Social Turn in the Science of Human Action
In psychological science the social world has always stood as a dark and silent specter. The fact of our existence in a social world is clear enough. However, the point of psychological science is toExpand
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Revitalization of a Rural Depopulated Community by Introducing Participatory Democracy System into Each Smallest Unit of Community
This study used a questionnaire survey to investigate an attempt to create a participatory democracy in a rural community characterized by its conservationism, exclusivity, and the strong influenceExpand
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A dynamic system model of social conflict that combines attitude change model and game theory
A social conflict often occurs during the course of a large-scale and long-term project such as infrastructure development projects, in which multiple parties are involved. Not only do possible gainsExpand
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Participant Observations on Volunteer Organizations Emerging after the Great Hanshin Earthquake
We conducted participant observations in two volunteer organizations-the Nishinomiya Volunteer Network and the Local NGOs Co-ordinating Team for Great Hanshin Earthquake Relief-emerging after theExpand
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