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The giant neurone system in ophiuroids
SummaryThe radial nerve cords of members of the class Ophiuroidea consist of two parts, the ectoneural and the hyponeural tissues, which are separated by an acellular basal lamina. The hyponeuralExpand
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Polarization of Extensive Air Shower Emission at 6 MHz
MEASUREMENTS of radio pulses from cosmic ray air showers in the frequency range 20 to 70 MHz have established the dominance of the geomagnetic mechanism1–4 and there is strong evidence from theseExpand
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A new ciliary feeding structure in an ophiuroid echinoderm.
The genital shields which form the walls of the bursal slits in Ophiura texturata are covered by a precisely oriented arrangement of ciliated ridges and non-ciliated grooves. An electron microscopicExpand
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The giant neurone system in ophiuroids
SummaryThe nervous system of Ophiura texturata contains nerve fibres and cell bodies that are an order of magnitude larger than anything previously described in the Asteroidea and Echinoidea. TheseExpand
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Breast Cancer: Presentation and Prognosis in the Community Hospital
A retrospective analysis of all breast cancer primarily treated at this institution during the ten-year period from 1967 to 1977 revealed 336 cases; in 308 of these cases, complete follow-up of fiveExpand