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Grassmannian beamforming for multiple-input multiple-output wireless systems
A quantized maximum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) beamforming technique is proposed where the receiver only sends the label of the best beamforming vector in a predetermined codebook to the transmitter. Expand
A Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm with Exponential Convergence
The Kaczmarz method for solving linear systems of equations is an iterative algorithm that has found many applications ranging from computer tomography to digital signal processing. Despite theExpand
PhaseLift: Exact and Stable Signal Recovery from Magnitude Measurements via Convex Programming
If the vectors are sampled independently and uniformly at random on the unit sphere, then the signal x can be recovered exactly (up to a global phase factor) by solving a convenient semidefinite program–-a trace-norm minimization problem. Expand
The application of Grassmannian frames to wireless communication and to multiple description coding is discussed and their connection to unit norm tight frames for frames which are generated by group-like unitary systems is discussed. Expand
Phase Retrieval via Matrix Completion
This paper develops a novel framework for phase retrieval, a problem which arises in X-ray crystallography, diffraction imaging, astronomical imaging, and many other applications. Our approach,Expand
Optimal OFDM design for time-frequency dispersive channels
This work presents a general framework for pulse shape design and shows how to design lattice-OFDM systems (lattice and pulse shape) optimally for time and frequency-dispersive channels in order to minimize the joint ISI/ICI. Expand
Grassmannian beamforming for multiple-input multiple-output wireless systems
A codebook design method for quantized versions of maximum ratio transmission, equal gain transmission, and generalized selection diversity with maximum ratio combining at the receiver is presented and systems using the beamforming codebooks are shown to have a diversity order of the product of the number of transmit and thenumber of receive antennas. Expand
High-Resolution Radar via Compressed Sensing
  • M. Herman, T. Strohmer
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • 14 March 2008
A stylized compressed sensing radar is proposed in which the time-frequency plane is discretized into an N times N grid and the techniques of compressed sensing are employed to reconstruct the target scene. Expand
Efficient numerical methods in non-uniform sampling theory
Summary. We present a new ``second generation" reconstruction algorithm for irregular sampling, i\@.e\@. for the problem of recovering a band-limited function from its non-uniformly sampled values.Expand
Designing structured tight frames via an alternating projection method
This paper proposes an alternating projection method that is versatile enough to solve a huge class of inverse eigenvalue problems (IEPs), which includes the frame design problem, and addresses the most basic design problem: constructing tight frames with prescribed vector norms. Expand