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Umbral Calculus, Discretization, and Quantum Mechanics on a Lattice
`Umbral calculus' deals with representations of the canonical commutation relations. We present a short exposition of it and discuss how this calculus can be used to discretize continuum models andExpand
Count-rate statistics of the gamma camera.
A new model for the dead-time behaviour of a gamma camera with the most important feature is that the loss of events occurs in pairs or higher multiples due to the so-called 'pile-up' effect. Expand
Noncommutative differential calculus and lattice gauge theory
The authors study consistent deformations of the classical differential calculus on algebras of functions (and, more generally, commutative algebras) such that differentials and functions satisfyExpand
From continuum to lattice theory via deformation of the differential calculus
Abstract It is shown that a lattice (gauge) theory can be obtained from a continuum theory via deformation of the standard differential calculus in such a way that functions and differentials noExpand
A note on the lattice Dirac-Kaehler equation
A lattice version of the Dirac-Kaehler equation (DKE) describing fermions was discussed in articles by Becher and Joos. The decomposition of lattice Dirac-Kaehler fields (inhomogeneous cochains) toExpand