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Crystal structure and conformation of polypeptides: L-leucylglycylglycylglycine.
Crystals of L-leucylglycylglycylglycine, LGGG (C12H22N4O5), grown from an ethanol-water solution, are orthorhombic, space groups P2(1)2(1)2(1), with unit cell dimensions (at 22 +/- 3 degrees) a =Expand
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Linear quantitation of Aβ aggregation using Thioflavin T: Reduction in fibril formation by colostrinin
Thioflavin T (ThT) fluorescence is a commonly used method to monitor Abeta protein fibril formation. This method is particularly attractive since ThT fluoresces only when bound to fibrils, theExpand
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Copper binding to prion octarepeat peptides, a combined metal chelate affinity and immunochemical approaches.
Based on the hypothetical proposal of Sulkowski [E. Sulkowski, FEBS Lett. 307 (2) (1992) 129] for the implication of transition metal ions in the structural changes/oligomerisation of normal cellularExpand
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Study of Creatinine and its 5-Alkoxy Analogs: Structure and Conformational Studies in the Solid and Solution States by X-Ray Crystallography, NMR, UV and Mass Spectrometry
Abstract Creatinine (2-amino-1,5- dihydro-1-methyl-4-imidazolone) is a natural by-product of cellular metabolism related to muscular mass. It is excreted in human urine and is necessary for normalExpand
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Crystal and molecular structure of 5-trifluorothymine, a metabolite from human urine: Role of fluorine in stacking and hydrogen bonded interactions
Abstract The crystal structure of the metabolite from urine, 5-trifluorothymine [5F3T] has been determined by single crystal X-ray diffractometric methods. Crystals of 5F3T are monoclinic, spaceExpand
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Crystal and molecular structure of dibenzoyl disulfide
Crystals of dibenzoyl disulfide, C14H10O2S2, are monoclinic, space group P21/c, with the cell dimensions (294 K), a = 12.356 (1), b = 12.071 (1), c = 9.071 (2) Å, β = 107.15(1)°, V =1292 (3) Å3 withExpand
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Crystal and molecular structure of methyl O-alpha-D-manno-pyranosyl-(1----2)-alpha-D-mannopyranoside.
The crystal and molecular structure of a synthetic mannosyl disaccharide, methyl O-alpha-D-mannopyranosyl-(1----2)-alpha-D-mannopyranoside, has been determined from X-ray diffractometer data byExpand
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New patterns of hydrogen bonded interactions between polypeptide chains. Crystal and molecular structure of glycylglycylglycine.
Crystals of glycylglycylglycine (C6H-11N3O4), grown from an aqueous methanol solution, are triclinic, space group P1, with the unit cell dimensions (at 22 +/- 3 degrees) a = 11.656(3), b = 14.817(3),Expand
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