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Dry powder inhalers: the influence of device resistance and powder formulation on drug and lactose deposition in vitro.
It is a principal in the formulation of a dry powder aerosol that the device should enable a high fine particle fraction (FPF) of drug to be delivered to the lung whilst any carrier, such as lactose,Expand
The Effect of Sericin from Various Extraction Methods on Cell Viability and Collagen Production
Silk sericin (SS) can accelerate cell proliferation and attachment; however, SS can be extracted by various methods, which result in SS exhibiting different physical and biological properties. WeExpand
Isoniazid Proliposome Powders for Inhalation—Preparation, Characterization and Cell Culture Studies
The aims of this study were to develop proliposome powders containing isoniazid (INH) in a dry powder aerosol form. INH-proliposome powders were prepared by a spray drying method. ProliposomeExpand
Potential applications of silk sericin, a natural protein from textile industry by-products
Silk is composed of two major proteins, fibroin (fibrous protein) and sericin (globular, gumming protein). Fibroin has been used in textile manufacturing and for several biomaterial applications,Expand
Formulation and characterization of silk sericin-PVA scaffold crosslinked with genipin.
A porous-three-dimensional scaffold shows several advantages in terms of tissue engineering since it can provide a framework for cells to attach, proliferate and form an extracellular matrix.Expand
Evaluation of the wound healing potential of Wedelia trilobata (L.) leaves.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc (Asteraceae) leaves are used in the treatment of wounds by traditional healers. Despite the use of this plant in wound healing, there is aExpand
Properties and antityrosinase activity of sericin from various extraction methods
The present study investigated the chemical properties and antityrosinase activities of SS (silk sericin) extracted from different Thai silk strains via various extraction methods. Different silkExpand
In vitro probiotic properties of Lactobacillus fermentum SK5 isolated from vagina of a healthy woman.
A lactobacillus strain isolated from a vaginal tract of a healthy woman was examined in vitro for its probiotic potential. This strain, identified as Lactobacillus fermentum SK5, was able to surviveExpand
Inhaled pyrazinamide proliposome for targeting alveolar macrophages
Objective: In this study, pyrazinamide (PZA)-proliposome in a dry powder aerosol form was developed for delivering drugs to alveolar macrophages (AMs) infected with mycobacteria. Materials andExpand
Wound healing activity of ent-kaura-9(11),16-dien-19-oic acid isolated from Wedelia trilobata (L.) leaves.
Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc (Asteraceae) has been used in traditional medicine in the Caribbean and Central America for stubborn wounds, sores, swelling, arthritic painful joints. The present studyExpand