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On the Application of Probability Theory to Agricultural Experiments. Essay on Principles. Section 9
In the portion of the paper translated here, Neyman introduces a model for the analysis of field experiments conducted for the purpose of comparing a number of crop varieties, which makes use of a
Gaussian Markov Distributions over Finite Graphs
On s'interesse aux modeles de selection de covariance introduites par Dempster (1972) et etudies par Wermuth (1976)
Density estimation by stochastic complexity
Two theoresms are proved, which together extend the universal coding theorems to a large class of data generating densities and give an asymptotic upper bound for the code redundancy in the order of magnitude, achieved with a special predictive type of histogram estimator, which sharpens a related bound.
Markov Fields and Log-Linear Interaction Models for Contingency Tables
We use a close connection between the theory of Markov fields and that of log-linear interaction models for contingency tables to define and investigate a new class of models for such tables,
Summary The (joint) cumulant of a set of (possibly coincident) random variables is defined as an alternating sum of moments with appropriate integral coefficients. By exploiting properties of the
Recursive causal models
Abstract The notion of a recursive causal graph is introduced, hopefully capturing the essential aspects of the path diagrams usually associated with recursive causal models. We describe the