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EARLY EVOLUTION OF LAND PLANTS: Phylogeny, Physiology, and Ecology of the Primary Terrestrial Radiation
▪ Abstract The Siluro-Devonian primary radiation of land biotas is the terrestrial equivalent of the much-debated Cambrian “explosion” of marine faunas. Both show the hallmarks of novelty radiationsExpand
Dynamical clustering and phase separation in suspensions of self-propelled colloidal particles.
We study experimentally and numerically a (quasi-)two-dimensional colloidal suspension of self-propelled spherical particles. The particles are carbon-coated Janus particles, which are propelled dueExpand
Reconfiguration as a Prerequisite for Survival in Highly Unstable Flow-Dominated Habitats
Unstable and mechanically demanding habitats like wind-exposed open fields or the wave-swept intertidal require rapid adaptive processes to ensure survival. The mechanism of passive reconfigurationExpand
Microscopic theory for the phase separation of self-propelled repulsive disks
Motivated by recent experiments on colloidal suspensions, we study analytically and numerically a microscopic model for self-propelled particles lacking alignment interactions. In this model, evenExpand
Integral fluctuation theorem for the housekeeping heat
The housekeeping heat Qhk is the dissipated heat necessary to maintain the violation of detailed balance in nonequilibrium steady states. By analysing the evolution of its probability distribution,Expand
Root anchorage of saplings and cuttings of woody pioneer species in a riparian environment
Summary 1The root anchorage ability of saplings and vegetative propagules may be decisive for persistence of woody pioneers in the highly disturbed habitat of floodplains. 2Vertical uprootingExpand
Comparison of mechanical properties of four large, wave-exposed seaweeds.
Seaweeds have a simple structural design compared to most terrestrial plants. Nonetheless, some species have adapted to the severe mechanical conditions of the surf zone. The material properties ofExpand
Fluctuation-dissipation theorem in nonequilibrium steady states
In equilibrium, the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT) expresses the response of an observable to a small perturbation by a correlation function of this variable with another one that is conjugateExpand
Process Sequences In Biomimetic Research
The entire developmental process from the biological template to the marketable biomimetic product is characterized by close cooperation between biologists, engineers and other scientists involved inExpand
Insulation capability of the bark of trees with different fire adaptation
When exposed to a surface fire, the probability of a tree to survive widely varies, depending on its capability to protect the cambium from lethal temperatures above 60 °C. Thereby, the bark, theExpand