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Antigenic relationship and functional properties of Yersinia porins.
It is concluded that the functional state of Yersinia porins in the outer membrane depends on the cultivation temperature. Expand
Nonspecific porins of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria: Structure and functions
The structure and functional properties of nonspecific porins (β-structured integral proteins of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria) are overviewed and the methods and approaches used in the study of functional activity of porins are surveyed. Expand
Porins from marine bacteria of the genus Pseudoalteromonas (Gammaproteobacteria: Pseudoalteromonadaceae)
Heat-modifiable porin-like proteins were identified among the OM proteins of marine pseudomonads and the nature of current fluctuations in the BLM and the conductivity of pores formed by these proteins suggest that these isolated porins are not identical in their functional properties. Expand
Chemical composition of polysaccharides of the red alga Tichocarpus crinitus (Tichocarpaseae) from different sites of Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan
A comparative analysis of the quantitative and qualitative composition of polysaccharides in the red seaweed Tichocarpus crinitus, collected at different sites of Peter the Great Bay in the Japanese Sea, revealed an identical structure corresponding to κ/β-carrageenan, while the KCl-solublePolysaccharide fractions had differences in their structures. Expand
Study of the alkaloid composition of the food-infecting penicilles.
The range of metabolites synthesized by different strains of the same species was considerably expanded and the alkaloid composition and content were dependent on the medium, culture age and method of cultivation. Expand
Protein composition of the cell envelope of the bacterium Shewanella frigidimarina Pi 2-35 (Gammaproteobacteria: Shewanellaceae)
The use of the bilayer lipid membrane (BLM) technique showed that both porin-like proteins isolated from the OM exhibit a pore-forming activity, which indicates that the isolated porins are not identical in their functional properties. Expand
A comparative analysis of the spatial structure of nonspecific porins from Yersinia ruckeri using optical spectroscopy and molecular modeling
The spatial organization of outer-membrane porins is studied by optical spectroscopy and molecular modeling. It was found that the OmpF and OmpC porins from Yеrsiniа ruckeri are β-structured membraneExpand