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Intracellular heterogeneity in mitochondrial membrane potentials revealed by a J-aggregate-forming lipophilic cation JC-1.
It is found that membrane potentials across mitochondria in a living cell can be heterogeneous, and even within a long contiguous mitochondrion, regional heterogeneity in membranes potentials appears to be possible. Expand
J-aggregate formation of a carbocyanine as a quantitative fluorescent indicator of membrane potential.
The spectral properties of a novel membrane potential sensitive probe (JC-1) were characterized in aqueous buffers and in isolated cardiac mitochondria and found to be pH independent within the physiological pH range of 7.15-8.0 and could be linearly calibrated with valinomycin-induced K+ diffusion potentials. Expand
Identification of two related pentapeptides from the brain with potent opiate agonist activity
The evidence is based on the determination of the amino acid sequence of natural enkephalin by the dansyl–Edman procedure and by mass spectrometry followed by synthesis and comparison of the natural and synthetic peptides. Expand
Nitric oxide and cardiac function.
Future therapeutic manipulations of cardiac NO synthesis will necessarily draw on additional characterization of the cellular and molecular determinants for the net effect of this versatile radical on the cardiomyocyte biology. Expand
Control of cardiac muscle cell function by an endogenous nitric oxide signaling system.
The physiologic response of isolated neonatal and adult ventricular myocytes to both muscarinic cholinergic and beta-adrenergic stimulation is mediated, at least in part, by products of an endogenous NOS. Expand
Endothelin and increased contractility in adult rat ventricular myocytes. Role of intracellular alkalosis induced by activation of the protein kinase C-dependent Na(+)-H+ exchanger.
The positive inotropic action of endothelin is due in part to stimulation of the sarcolemmal Na(+)-H+ exchanger by a protein kinase C-mediated pathway, resulting in a rise in pHi and sensitization of cardiac myofilaments to intracellular Ca2+. Expand
Nitric Oxide-dependent Parasympathetic Signaling Is Due to Activation of Constitutive Endothelial (Type III) Nitric Oxide Synthase in Cardiac Myocytes (*)
Cardiac myocytes constitutively express the endothelial isoform of NO synthase (ecNOS or NOS III), which concludes that NO-dependent parasympathetic signaling is mediated by Nos III in cardiac myocytes. Expand
NADH measurements in adult rat myocytes during simulated ischemia.
In isolated adult rat myocytes, we tested the hypothesis that metabolic inhibition and simulated ischemia regulate the NADH/NAD+ redox couple with concomitant impairment of energy-dependent process,Expand
Abnormal contractile function due to induction of nitric oxide synthesis in rat cardiac myocytes follows exposure to activated macrophage-conditioned medium.
The depressed contractile response of adult rat ventricular myocytes to beta-adrenergic agonists by a 24-h exposure to soluble inflammatory mediators is mediated at least in party by induction of an autocrine NO signaling pathway. Expand
An intrinsic adrenergic system in mammalian heart.
Findings support the concept that ICA cells constitute an ICA signaling system capable of participating in cardiac regulation that appears to be independent of sympathetic innervation. Expand